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Here we go with another installment of Inspired by DIY! If you want to take a look at what I did for the previous challenges, you can go here for the colorful cement planters and here for the romantic flower arrangement.

This month other bloggers and I are finding inspiration in Miles Redd, a designer that is all about bright colors and exotic details. I love his vibrant style and wish to replicate it in my small home (some of the examples where I have tried to use a lot of color in my home are herehere and here.) I wonder if I should do something like that for my next One Room Challenge. I might tackle my bedroom in the Fall and I want lots of color in it.

Back to the challenge, when I was searching for images to get inspired for this project, I found this one of Miles Redd’s home in Architectural Digest:


Everything about this image is amazeballs, don’t you think? But what caught my eye was that simple piece of art: colorful, modern, and attention grabber. It adds THE touch to this space that makes it absolutely unique so I thought “ I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE” (yes, I usually scream in my head).

I have been trying my painting skills lately, you can see the proof here and here, so I thought I could tackle this project. To start with, I did a version of the painting in Photoshop to make sure all my lines were aligned correctly. I also decided to make a mirror version of the original painting and change the color to PINK!

I have always wanted to add art in front of our mural in the living room, but I hadn’t found exactly what I wanted until I saw this.

Here is how I did it

Modern Colorful Painting 

Difficulty (1-5): 1  Time: 1 hour Cost: $15-20


I couldn’t easily find a large golden frame for my 18 x 24 in painting. I didn’t want to drive far to get it, so I bought a wooden one and painted it. I think Ikea has large golden frames if you need.

Materials to transform a large wooden frame into a golden frame:

  • Sandpaper
  • Gold spray paint


1) Print your printable that outlines this painting (see links for printable above, under materials). If you choose to do a size 18 x 24in painting like I did, you will need to get the printable printed at a printing shop unless you have a HUGE printer. For the straight lines, use blue tape.

2) Paint inside your lines with the color you chose.

3) Frame your painting

Instructions to create your golden frame from a wooden frame (paint attaches better to wood than plastic):

1) Sand the frame with sand paper and spray it with gold paint. Remember to not aim directly to the frame when you first press the spray button, this will help to avoid applying excessive paint and drips.The result:

I think it makes the mural wall look a lot more fun, don’t you think?

I  hope you liked it.

Before you go, I wanted to thank the hosts of this challenge Jess from Domicile 37 and Kathryn from Up to Date Interiors. Thanks ladies for organizing all of this!

Now,  check out the projects of my fellow bloggers in these links.

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22 replies
    • Mila says:

      Thanks, Emy! It was so easy to do. I love this “Inspired by DIY” challenges. They helped me to get new things done.

  1. Elise says:

    It’s perfect. Honestly. I couldn’t imagine a painting that could go with that outstanding wall and still hold it’s own. This is it. Great job, Mila 🙂

    • Elise says:

      Though, had to add – I think I prefer it leaning over hanging for some reason? Something to do with it matching the flowers next to it I think.

      • Mila says:

        I agree about the art leaning on the wall… the only issue is that my living room is so small, I can’t have that table next to the mural. My new thing is to have art just leaning on the wall around the house… it is nice and easy to change around.

        • Elise says:

          Ah, can’t have the table next to the mural – it all makes sense now 😉

          It’s a good look. And definitely easy to change around, especially if you have different sized prints.

  2. Jen @ The Striped House says:

    I LOVE that you used the word amazeballs in your post. I thought I was the only one who said that?! We should be friends 🙂 For real though, I would have never thought to tape off the three sides of the painting, or map it out on photoshop first! Great ideas!


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