Design Inspiration From A Church In Costa Rica

We just came back from an amazing vacation in Costa Rica. I will write more about it next week, but today I want to share some pictures of a small treasure we found along the way.

One day we were driving from Carrillo beach to Punta Islitas beach in the Pacific Ocean when we got lost. We took a wrong turn and, luckily, stumbled into a gorgeous church in the middle of nowhere.

The purple and white exterior spoke to me right away, so we stopped to take some photos,. Little did I know that the real surprise was going to be inside. It was a small, rural, humble building with yellow, white and teal floors, and white walls with purple accents. It also had the most gorgeous wooden ceiling you have ever seen.

The building was full of light, which I loved, and it had almost no decorations… it was so simple and beautiful. One of those unknown gems that you find while staying outside of the tourist path. Here are some pictures: Look at the messy floor pattern and amazing about this gorgeous wooden ceiling I mentioned earlier. I want it in my house, don’t you? as the final cherry on top, those teal

I loved this church so much, that I went back to take more pictures another day. Simplicity is beautiful, and I was reminded of that on this vacation.

Have a wonderful day!

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Grey Rooms

On the topic of choosing colors to paint a room (or a house), I declare myself to have low education AND no intuition. We painted our home exterior last week and choosing the color was an intense process that showed my ignorance about colors at every turn. I knew I wanted grey, but who could imagine there are thousands of grey colors? OK, I knew there are thousands of grey colors, but I didn’t know that the look of a house, or a room, can completely change from using one grey or another that are seemingly identical.

I wonder if interior designers have endless discussions about color. They probably do. There must be whole classes devoted to choosing a color in interior design school, and, if there are not, they should be.

The biggest difficulty in choosing a grey was that it was hard to imagine how the end result would look like. Even after we painted patches as sample of the different colors on the wall, we found out that the color can completely change depending on the time of the day you are looking at it (obviously), and how big the area you are painting is.

As an example of what I am explaining, I found in the Internet a lot of grey rooms to share. You will be able to see that a slight change in grey can make a huge difference in the mood of a room. Also, you can see how some grey colors can be bluish, pinkish, reddish, etc. It was strange to see that, when choosing a grey, sometimes my husband would clearly see blue where I saw bluish grey.

So, here are some pictures that will get you inspired and will prepare you for the difficult task you will have ahead in case you are planning to paint your house. Thoughts? Huffington Post / My Unfinished Fashion Talo Ranalla / The Designer Lovely FurnitureSmile And Mark & Home Furniture – For Me, For Design SpongeSF Girl By Living Illusion – A House In The + The Visual LampSolid Homedit – Ideas To

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Let Us Be Inspired By Spanish Interior Design has great designers that we don’t get to see in the US. In my opinion, the Spanish interior design scene is one of the best scenes in the world. For example, the Architectural Digest from Spain is full of innovating, risky, colorful and edgy homes. I love it and have a subscription to it (the website is not as good as the paper magazine). Even if you don’t understand Spanish, images speak more than words in the design world and inspiration is everywhere.

The last time I was looking into Spanish blogs, I found Casa Decor and designer Beatriz Silveira. She owns the design studio Batik Interiores in Madrid. Her designs are elegant, colorful, and full of vintage finds. My favorite kind of interior design. Please, take a look at the pictures below and put attention to the details: aqua verde chairs in the dining room, accentuated by the colorful chairs at the ends of the table; brass lamps; vintage furniture; gold wall decorations; unique plant vases; and velvet, so much velvet. Beatriz has a great attention to detail and mixes old and new pieces perfectly. I love it all.

In the future, I will find other Spanish designers that are more edgy and controversial to share in this site, but, for now, I wanted to ease you into the beauty of designers that are far away and can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Let me know what do you think.

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Snooping On Etsy – Woven Wall Hangings

Woven Wall Hangings are a thing. If you don’t believe me, look at these pictures. Coco + Sponge

Bohemian Diesel

Cute, don’t you think? A little rustic, a little sophisticated, and, a lot unpretentious.

It is not easy to find the perfect piece to decorate your wall. Pictures are obviously a good start, but you need to add other kinds of decorations to spice your home up. At least, that is why I like to do. A woven or macramé wall hanging is a great place to start. They are trending, they are beautiful, they can use a lot of wall space, and, they add texture to your home, which is something so many of us forget to do.

So, in my search for beautiful things around the web, I decided to look on my best shopping friend website, Etsy, where I found a lot of shops with beautiful handmade wall hangings, as expected.

Here are my favorite shops, if you know of another one, let me know! I would love to hear. A lot of these shops will customize a wall hanging to your needs, in case you want something more specific.

Of course, if you are up for a challenge, you can do your own woven wall hanging. Here is how.

Now, to that shop list:

The Juju Just the Oak Tree and Hunter Studios

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What I See A Lot In Design Magazines – White Floors

The floor of my dream house is white; the floor of my children’s dream house is dirty, slimy and filthy, so, until my children are reasonable humans that understand that waste goes in a garbage can, or that pee is better disposed off in the toilet, I will have to dream about white floors instead of stepping on them.

Why do I love white floors? White is a clean canvas to showcase color. I like the idea of having pops of my favorite tones come alive in the midst of white, instead of getting lost on wood or concrete floors. If you don’t know what I mean, look at the pictures below.

Color resonates with more strength when surrounded by white, don’t you think?

Here are some examples. I am always happy to hear what do you think.

          KK         SF Girl By         Mr         Sea Of         Wolf Eye         Apartment floors 8         Peneloscope floors 13         The


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