Let Us Be Inspired By Spanish Interior Design

jestcafe.com---beatriz-silveira40Spain has great designers that we don’t get to see in the US. In my opinion, the Spanish interior design scene is one of the best scenes in the world. For example, the Architectural Digest from Spain is full of innovating, risky, colorful and edgy homes. I love it and have a subscription to it (the website is not as good as the paper magazine). Even if you don’t understand Spanish, images speak more than words in the design world and inspiration is everywhere.

The last time I was looking into Spanish blogs, I found Casa Decor and designer Beatriz Silveira. She owns the design studio Batik Interiores in Madrid. Her designs are elegant, colorful, and full of vintage finds. My favorite kind of interior design. Please, take a look at the pictures below and put attention to the details: aqua verde chairs in the dining room, accentuated by the colorful chairs at the ends of the table; brass lamps; vintage furniture; gold wall decorations; unique plant vases; and velvet, so much velvet. Beatriz has a great attention to detail and mixes old and new pieces perfectly. I love it all.

In the future, I will find other Spanish designers that are more edgy and controversial to share in this site, but, for now, I wanted to ease you into the beauty of designers that are far away and can be a wonderful source of inspiration. Let me know what do you think.
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  1. Arielle says:

    AMAZING. I immediately fell in love with that first image (those chairs! that table!), but every shot after that was perfect too. I’m so glad you shared this!

  2. Carina says:

    Great post! What a treat to look at these beautiful rooms… Each one so thoughtfully and artistically put together. I love the vintage/modern combination. That aqua blue chandelier is so great!! And the chairs! I will be checking out the links, too. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Mila says:

      I am so happy you liked it. the aqua blue chandelier is so beautiful, and I am impressed that you knew the name of the color. I am so bad at that.


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