What I See A Lot In Design Magazines – White Floors

The floor of my dream house is white; the floor of my children’s dream house is dirty, slimy and filthy, so, until my children are reasonable humans that understand that waste goes in a garbage can, or that pee is better disposed off in the toilet, I will have to dream about white floors instead of stepping on them.

Why do I love white floors? White is a clean canvas to showcase color. I like the idea of having pops of my favorite tones come alive in the midst of white, instead of getting lost on wood or concrete floors. If you don’t know what I mean, look at the pictures below.

Color resonates with more strength when surrounded by white, don’t you think?

Here are some examples. I am always happy to hear what do you think.


          KK Livingjestcafe.com-whitefloors2         SF Girl By Bayjestcafe.com-whitefloors4         Mr Katejestcafe.com-whitefloors5         Sea Of Girasolesjestcafe.com-whitefloors6         Wolf Eye Browsjestcafe.com-whitefloors7         Apartment Therapyjestcafe.com-white floors 8         Peneloscope
jestcafe.com-white floors 13         The Style-Filesjestcafe.com-whitefloors14


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Let Us Visit Some Homes- Balearic Islands

The Mediterranean Style is so clean and simple with its stucco walls, wrought iron gates and carved entry doors. Many homes in the Balearic Islands have adapted this style into a rustic, summery, cottage feeling. I was looking at Luis Galliussi’s summer home in Ibiza in the AD website and I found it so perfect. Unpretentious, natural, minimalist, and calming.

So much creativity in the decorative details: the use of nature-like flowers, sticks, or rocks, the mix of new and old – sophisticated rural touches that show how imagination can transform the mundane into art.

I like the white stucco walls with the very light grey tile floors and the bursts of color throughout the house. A lot of houses in Ibiza, Formentera, and Majorca follow this pattern and the most simple objects become means of decoration.

Here are some beautiful houses to get you inspired. I know I would love to have a home like one of these!

  1. Luis Galliussi’s Home in Ibiza

jestcafe-Balearic Islands1

jestcafe-ibiza Islands2

jestcafe-ibiza Islands3

jestcafe-ibiza Islands4

jestcafe-ibiza Islands5

jestcafe-Balearic Islands6

2. A house in Formentera

jestcafe-Balearic Islands7

jestcafe-Balearic Islands8

jestcafe-Balearic Islands9

jestcafe-Balearic Islands10       
  3. Nani Marquina’s Home in Ibiza

jestcafe-Balearic Islands11

jestcafe-Balearic Islands12

jestcafe-Balearic Islands13

jestcafe-Balearic Islands14

jestcafe-Balearic Islands15

4. A house in Menorca

jestcafe-Balearic Islands17

jestcafe-Balearic Islands18

jestcafe-Balearic Islands19


5. A Farmhouse in Ibiza




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