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On the topic of choosing colors to paint a room (or a house), I declare myself to have low education AND no intuition. We painted our home exterior last week and choosing the color was an intense process that showed my ignorance about colors at every turn. I knew I wanted grey, but who could imagine there are thousands of grey colors? OK, I knew there are thousands of grey colors, but I didn’t know that the look of a house, or a room, can completely change from using one grey or another that are seemingly identical.

I wonder if interior designers have endless discussions about color. They probably do. There must be whole classes devoted to choosing a color in interior design school, and, if there are not, they should be.

The biggest difficulty in choosing a grey was that it was hard to imagine how the end result would look like. Even after we painted patches as sample of the different colors on the wall, we found out that the color can completely change depending on the time of the day you are looking at it (obviously), and how big the area you are painting is.

As an example of what I am explaining, I found in the Internet a lot of grey rooms to share. You will be able to see that a slight change in grey can make a huge difference in the mood of a room. Also, you can see how some grey colors can be bluish, pinkish, reddish, etc. It was strange to see that, when choosing a grey, sometimes my husband would clearly see blue where I saw bluish grey.

So, here are some pictures that will get you inspired and will prepare you for the difficult task you will have ahead in case you are planning to paint your house. Thoughts? Huffington Post / My Unfinished Fashion Talo Ranalla / The Designer Lovely FurnitureSmile And Mark & Home Furniture – For Me, For Design SpongeSF Girl By Living Illusion – A House In The + The Visual LampSolid Homedit – Ideas To

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  1. Carina says:

    Beautiful pics, thanks for posting them. I love them all, but am partial to the ones where the grey is contrasted with brighter colours, wood, and illuminated with natural light. Grey can be such a rich and sophisticated choice. Which kind of grey did you choose for your home, if you don’t mind me asking? Take care.

  2. Elise Xavier says:

    I used to really not like grey rooms, but they’ve grown on me at least a bit now. More the slightly darker ones (I think I just didn’t “get” the ones that are so light they’re practically a smidgen darker than white), and I really like it when there’s one wall that’s grey or some part of the same wall that’s white like in some of these pictures.

    Wall colour is a huge decision, but one I think you can’t really make until you know what’s going to go in a room.

    • Mila says:

      True. This year I want to learn more about colors regarding design, so I am planning to paint some of our rooms in different colors. Grey being one of them! We will see how that turns out.


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