What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Vintage Portraits

jestcafe.com-vintage-portraits-1Image Source sfgirlbybay

If you are an interior design aficionado, you know art is an excellent way of bringing life into a room. Photography and prints are a good place to start, but what I really like are paintings, especially vintage portraits.

Affordable portraits are not easy to find, so I always find myself foraging for them in thrift stores, estate sales or flea market. This habit can be scary sometimes because most of the art you find in these places is hideous, horrible, ugly, gross (no exaggerating) … until you find that gem.

Thrift stores have a LOT of paintings from wanna be artists that are unattractive. Sometimes, these stores want to charge a lot of money for a piece of trash! Don’t let them trick you, and try to bargain them down. I usually find a nice piece for less than $100. $50 is a great thrift store deal, but it all depends on the painting. As my uncle (a vintage expert) says ” if you like it and you are willing to pay the price, is a good deal.” No regrets!!

The ideal thrift situation is to have a relationship with the manager of such store. To do this, you need to be in that thrift store often and always be NICE. If they won’t come down in price, come back another day. The painting you want is probably still going to be in there. Art doesn’t sell that fast. On the other hand, if you are totally in love with the painting get it right away. Spending the rest of your life regretting that time when THE ONE got away is a stressful way of living. I have been there and done that, and it is not easy on the heart! Believe me. I still find myself daydreaming about that ugly man in that one painting that somebody stole away from me a couple of years ago.

Back to vintage hunting, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Practice is the only way to develop a critical eye that is able to find beauty in what others would consider average. Pay attention to some of the portraits below and imagine finding them in a thrift store. Some of them are outright ugly, but, once they are hanging on a wall, they work!

Here are some examples of vintage portraits that transform average spaces into interesting ones:

jestcafe.com-vintage-portraits3 Image Source Design Spongejestcafe.com-vintage-portraits4 Image Source Méchant Studiojestcafe.com-vintage-portraits5 Image Source sfgirlbybayjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits6 Image Source My Scandinavian Homejestcafe.com-vintage-portraits8 Image Source Designfilesjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits11 Image Source Jim Fairfaxjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits12 Image Source That Kind Of Womanjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits13 Image Source Ebayjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits14 Image Source Carla Astonjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits16 Image Source Apartment Therapyjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits19 Image Source Remodelistajestcafe.com-vintage-portraits21 Image Source Remodelistajestcafe.com-vintage-portraits23 Image Source Design Filesjestcafe.com-vintage-portraits24 Image Source Verdigris Viejestcafe.com-vintage-portraits25Image Source One Kings Lanejestcafe.com-vintage-portraits10Image Source sfgirlbybay


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Choosing A New Ceiling Light Fixture


I need to replace my light fixtures through out my house, specially the living room. I still have the ones that came with the house when we bought it and they are… how do I put it?… mmm… repulsive comes to mind.

I want a brass fixture, like everybody else in the world. A couple of years ago, I wanted to buy this one:jestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-7

Park Studio LA

And I still love it, but, if you follow any design blog in the world, you have seen this fixture (or something similar) in a thousand of spaces. I understand is cute, but I don’t want to jump into this trend wagon too late in the game, like when I bought this Fiddle Fig tree.

Here are other light fixtures I am considering:

jestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-5Sputnik Chandelier – Lucent Light Shop
jestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-8Vertex Chandelier – Lucent Light Shopjestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-9 Urchin Chandelier – Dutton Brownjestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-10 The Napoleon Chandelier – Sazerac Stitchesjestcafe.com-light fixture 155 Orb Chandelier- Lucent Light Shop

This one is a vintage lamp that I think it would look good in my bathroom or hallway. The only problem is that I need to bring it here all the way from France:

jestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-11 Vintage light fixture –French Idylljestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-12Ceiling Sputnik – Lucent Light Shopjestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-2Loa Chandelier – Sazerac Stiches

jestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-4 Aurora Pendant – Cedar and Mossjestcafe.com---choosing-light-fixture-6 Modern Chandelier –Illuminate Vintage

For my living room, I would love to have the vertex chandelier or the urchin. The urchin is so nice, but more expensive. For my bathroom, I would like the vintage lamp  because it has so much personality, it is different and vintage… nothing to lose here. For my hallway, I would love to have the ceiling sputnik lamp. Wishful thinking!

What is your opinion? Do you have any favorites from above or other shops?

Thanks for stopping by.

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Hanging Rattan Chairs

Hanging rattan chairs are in almost every house I see on Pinterest. They are very cute, but I have always wondered if they are actually comfortable. To me, they don’t look like a chair you want to lay down and watch TV on, do they? But that odd, nest shape, and the fact that they hang from the ceiling, makes them visually attractive. Let’s take a look.

jestcafe.com---rattan-chairs1 Furnishjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs2 At Home In Lovejestcafe.com---rattan-chairs3 Anson Smartjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs4 Elle.frjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs5 Waiting On Marthajestcafe.com---rattan-chairs6 Picslovinjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs7 Seventy Nine Ideasjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs8 Decor Padjestcafe.com---rattan-chairs9 Don’t know where I got this one from, sorry.jestcafe.com---rattan-chairs10

At Home with Kelley Howley

VERY CUTE! Don’t you think? Do any of you have one? If yes, do you find it comfortable? Do you actually use it? I would like to have one on my porch or outdoor area, but they are expensive. It is not easy to find one for less than $450. Also, you need to make sure you have enough space to be able to swing on them, otherwise, what is the point?

As a side note, some years ago,  Jonathan Adler mentioned in this interview that the hanging chair is one of the items every house should have, and we all know that Jonathan Adler is the god of the interior designer world, so there you go.

Here is a round up of my favorite hanging rattan chairs out there. I found an Etsy shop that has them for just $250 (see last chairs on the list below). They are vintage and seem to be in pretty good condition.  I should grab one right now instead of writing this post. Have a nice weekend!

Hanging Rattan Chair by Two’s Company – Domino – $479.99 jestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy1 Hanging Rattan Bowl Chair by Out There Interiors. 495 Euros  -Ships to Great Britain onlyjestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy2 Hanging Rattan Chair by Serena & Lilly – $495jestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy3 Pod Hanging Chair by CB2 – $699jestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy4 Hanging Rattan Chair – Chairish -$539jestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy5 Vintage Hanging Rattan Chair – Etsy – $250jestcafe---hanging-rattan-chairs-to-buy6

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Snooping On Etsy – Woven Wall Hangings

Woven Wall Hangings are a thing. If you don’t believe me, look at these pictures.

jestcafe.com-wall-hanging3Decor 8jestcafe.com---wall-hanging2 Coco + Kelleyjestcafe.com-wall-hanging1Design Sponge

Bohemian Diesel

Cute, don’t you think? A little rustic, a little sophisticated, and, a lot unpretentious.

It is not easy to find the perfect piece to decorate your wall. Pictures are obviously a good start, but you need to add other kinds of decorations to spice your home up. At least, that is why I like to do. A woven or macramé wall hanging is a great place to start. They are trending, they are beautiful, they can use a lot of wall space, and, they add texture to your home, which is something so many of us forget to do.

So, in my search for beautiful things around the web, I decided to look on my best shopping friend website, Etsy, where I found a lot of shops with beautiful handmade wall hangings, as expected.

Here are my favorite shops, if you know of another one, let me know! I would love to hear. A lot of these shops will customize a wall hanging to your needs, in case you want something more specific.

Of course, if you are up for a challenge, you can do your own woven wall hanging. Here is how.

Now, to that shop list:

The Wovjestcafe.com-thewovjestcafe.com-thewov1Astral Rilesjestcafe.com-astralrides2 jestcafe.com-astralrite Juju Just

jestcafe.com-jujujust1jestcafe.com-jujujust2Under the Oak Tree Shopjestcafe.com-undertheoaktreejestcafe.com-undertheoaktree2Hazel and Hunter
Jamieepjestcafe.com-jamieep1Rowan Studios

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What I See A Lot In Design Magazines – White Floors

The floor of my dream house is white; the floor of my children’s dream house is dirty, slimy and filthy, so, until my children are reasonable humans that understand that waste goes in a garbage can, or that pee is better disposed off in the toilet, I will have to dream about white floors instead of stepping on them.

Why do I love white floors? White is a clean canvas to showcase color. I like the idea of having pops of my favorite tones come alive in the midst of white, instead of getting lost on wood or concrete floors. If you don’t know what I mean, look at the pictures below.

Color resonates with more strength when surrounded by white, don’t you think?

Here are some examples. I am always happy to hear what do you think.


          KK Livingjestcafe.com-whitefloors2         SF Girl By Bayjestcafe.com-whitefloors4         Mr Katejestcafe.com-whitefloors5         Sea Of Girasolesjestcafe.com-whitefloors6         Wolf Eye Browsjestcafe.com-whitefloors7         Apartment Therapyjestcafe.com-white floors 8         Peneloscope
jestcafe.com-white floors 13         The Style-Filesjestcafe.com-whitefloors14


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