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One of my favorite things about a museum is the gift store. There, I said it. Consider me shallow, or just honest, but I love browsing through the beautiful things they carry, almost as much as I like looking at the art or bones. In these stores I find things that are different, beautiful, and interesting. Also, I enjoy buying books about the exhibitions I just saw, this helps me remember the exhibition like a hoola girl souvenir helps me remember Hawaii and enjoy it again later on.

Short detour: After two kids my memory has taken a turn for the worst, and I am afraid I will soon lose my mind. It seems that just forgetting my keys and cell phones is not enough nowadays; my brain now wants to punish me by making me forget names and stories I used to know and that made me feel smart. I blame the sleep deprivation. Is there anybody else out there losing his or her neurons? Or is it just me? Is my brain going to come back? Or, am I going to have dulled thinking abilities for the rest of my life? Please, let me know if you have the same issues. –End of the detour

In any case, buying books or beautiful things that remind me later of that particular visit to the museum, which otherwise blends and disappears into all the other visits to the museums, helping me stay engaged and connected with the art – or bones, I suppose, long after the visit.

A month ago, I went to the Craft & Folk Art Museum to see the Chris Francis shoe exhibition, which was amazing. Sadly, it has ended already so, if you didn’t make it, you missed your window of opportunity. In any case, after seeing the exhibition, I made my way to the shop, my happy place, and discovered one of the most beautifully curated museum shops in LA, and believe me, I know, as I have been in almost all of them several times.

It is a small shop, but it has handpicked items that go hand-in-hand with its mission of showcasing hand-made designs. They are beautiful, simple and a pleasure to look at.

Here are some of them, and, as you can see, they are not terribly expensive. What do you think? Do you have a favorite item?

Mt. Washington Blue Bell – $ Mt. Washington Pottery White Bell – $ Brass Salad Servers – $ Iringa Basket – $ Telephone Wire Woven Basket – $ Dani Ban Lotus Earrings – $ WV Craftworks Indigo Stripe Coffee Mug – $ Chan Natural Dyed Scarf – $ Fait La Force Whale – $ Wooldbuddy Neddle Felting Kit – $ Tagua Nut Necklace – $

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Teepee In The Nursery

Are you a mother of a small child or soon to be one? Well, then you better have a teepee in your nursery or you should go and buy one right about now if you want your nursery to be featured anywhere else than your personal Facebook page. Right now, it is all about Native American décor with a twist (what I call gentrifying Native American art). Just type nursery in your Pinterest account and 90% of the pictures will have some kind of teepee in a corner.

What is the attraction of the teepees? Well, kids love hiding and parents love when they do, so it is a win, win situation, unless the child wants you to crawl into that tiny space and read him/her some books in a very uncomfortable position, in which case you should bring up your old age, and explain in basic words why your back pain kicks in when laying on the floor in any yoga position. After one minute of explanation, your child WILL give up (I have tried it). He or she will decide that it is more fun to go inside the teepee by him/herself (or with sibling in tow) than hearing all that aging nonsense.

So, there you go, I am not only giving you great design advice, but I am also giving you clear guidelines to be a better parent, all in one blog spot. Small steps, people. Small steps.


If you are sold and have decided to buy what is also known as a tipi, here are some of your options:


Little Me Teepee – Etsy

Land of Nod

AZ Teepee – Tiny TeePee – Lil’ Brett & Co Tents – and Spud Designs – Etsy

If you are a hardcore DIY, first, let me say that I admire you and wish to be like you, and, second, let me show you this extremely cute teepee with a link to a step by step guide that will show you how to create it all by yourself. When done, please, send pictures my way. I would love to see it and envy you some more.

Dress This Nest  DIY

Image Source: 12345 6

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Snooping on Etsy – Art for the Nursery

So, what is the best art for a nursery? I would say whimsical, little bit dreamy, and affordable. Something that transports you to the world of a child, a world of imagination, color, and wonder -while still being tasteful to adults who might stagger in to change a diaper.. Now, where to find art like this? Well, Etsy, of course. There are a lot of independent illustrators all over the world showcasing their beautiful work on Etsy and it is such a trip to venture into this world.

You can find prints that are funny and cute, and others more magical and dreamy. It all depends on the kind of nursery you want to decorate for your child.

My personal favorites are the images that give you a glimpse into an unknown world where things are supernatural and beautiful. Chasing the Crayon, Ashley Percival, Little Cat Draw, and Matte Stephens do this with peculiar characters in special circumstances.

Chasing the CrayonEtsy Nursery Art -

Cool Wall by Ashley PercivalEtsy Nursery Art2 - jestcafe.comMatte

Blancucha has clean, simple and expressive illustrations. I am drawn to her characters and how effortless and unpretentious they are.

I also like the idea of illustrating cities by showing what makes them different and special. I am from LA and Confettie Love makes a colorful print that has the Hollywood sign and traffic below it. It is funny and pretty. Ilustración y Más makes a pastel version of cities around the world, though I couldn’t find one of LA. I really like the one of NY, which is just an amazing city in every sense of the word.

Confettieón y Má nursery art 12

Finally Fox & Velvet, I love Doodle, and Dawid Ryski go for more traditional subjects in vivid ways that will freshen up any kid’s room. I chose orange and red subjects to share with you in these pix, but they have art that beautifully features most any color you might want to have in your child’s room.

Fox &
I love

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Do people know that there are more than 10,000 different types of interior plants? Apparently not, because the only plant that I see over and over again in every featured home on the Internet is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

I see the appeal: big beautiful lush leaves, lots of volume, and easy to take care of, but can we agree that there are other plants in existence and that we could be more creative when deciding what to use? I am starting to think it is a requirement to have this tree in your living room if you want your house to appear in some kind of design site.

Of course, I am not immune to cute trends myself so I bought one of these trees a couple of years ago. Look at how beautiful it looks next to the white lounge chair:

Recently, I have been eager to replace it so I decided to get a 5’ tall Euphoria cactus. Look at how beautiful it looks.

I was so excited with my choice that I went to the closest nursery that same afternoon only to find only one big problem: the price tag. Unlike my $150 Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, the cactus is $500. Apparently, they are slow growers and that is why they are so expensive. I was upset. Also, this probably means I am onto a new trend: tall cactuses as interior plants. Well, at least this time I will be ahead of it… kind of.

In lieu with this reality, I decided not to change the tree for right now and accept that my house looks like every other house featured in Domino Magazine… I wish.

For more Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree love, see below. Pretty, isn’t?



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Let Us Be Inspired By – David Hicks

I like to look at the work of old designers and discover the beauty of their details and point of view. David Hicks’ taste is probably over the top for some people today but his influence is everywhere. So much boldness in one room!

A couple of facts: David Hicks was one of the top interior designers of the 60’s and 70’s. He was known for his use of clashing colors, geometrical patterns, and the mix of old and new pieces. I will pay you $1,000 if you find a floral pattern in his work. He would choose a hue for a room and then choose wall color, rugs, and fabrics based on it. The results are bold and urban. There was nothing humble about Hicks.

In the first two pictures, you can see modern spaces using his classic honeycomb pattern and his classic vase wallpaper. Nowadays, you regularly find his honeycomb pattern influence in many rugs, fabrics, and wallpapers. Also, his own vase wallpaper can be found in many different colors, look at how it transforms the space below. The rest of the pictures show spaces that Hicks decorated himself.

Lesson learned, David Hicks!








jestcafe-hicks7 jestcafe-hicks13



jestcafe-hicks9   jestcafe-hicks6   jestcafe-hicks14


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