10 Hats For Under $100

I love using hats. Why? Because they protect me from the sun and make me look stylish all in the same sentence.

Hats are one of those accessories that make you look cooler as soon as you put them on. Your clothes might be off, your shoes might be boring, but if you add a hat almost everything else is forgiven, plus, it hides any hair issues you might be having that day, like the inability to get it combed or just clean. He.

I have been looking for hats that are not expensive and found that there are a lot of hat sales out there so I did a roundup to share with you.

I bought three hats from this list myself. Hope you like it!

Also, a post about spring coats and a gift guide for women that like to host.

jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-8 Coronado Straw Fedora – Madewell – $ 39.99jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-7Striped Sun Hat In Cotton Blend – J. Crew – $34.50jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-5 Matador Hat – Free People – $58jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-4 Extended Brim Clipperton – Free People – $29.95jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-3Silver Haze Fedora – Free People – $78jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-6Panama Hat – J. Crew – $58jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-9Raffia Straw Hat – J. Crew – $14.99jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-2 Opal Circle Bar Hat – Shopbop – $105jestcafe.com-hats-under-100-1Brixton Hat – Shopbop – $44.80jestcafe.com-10 hats for under 100-11Osvald Rancher – Anthropologie – $98

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Gift Guide For Women That Like To Host And Wear Beautiful Things

Gift Guide for Women – This is my second and last gift guide. One for him, one for her.  Can somebody send this link to my husband so, for the first time in his life, he can buy me something that I like? I am such a horrible GRINCH! Hope you like these gifts.
jestcafe.com-gifts-for-her2Sticks & Stones Necklace by ACB – $248jestcafe.com-gifts-for-her1Candid Band Ring by Carrie K. – $168
jestcafe.com-gift guide for women 8Montana Wide Brim Hat – $128jestcafe.com--gift guide for women 7
madewell & biltmore® straight-brim felt fedora in natural ivory – $68jestcafe.com-gift guide for women 11Caramel Brown Tote – $118jestcafe.com-gifts for women 5Sahara Cateye Sunglasses – $35
jestcafe.com--gifts-for-her6Panda Monroe Sunglasses – $120jestcafe.com-gifts for women9Beck Serving Board – $29.95 & Copper Cheese Knives – $7.95 each one jestcafe.com-gifts for women10Gold Dorothy Thorpe Roly Poly Glasses – Set of 4 – $59jestcafe.com-gifts for women4Layla Rose Gold Headphones – $149.95


If you have a friend that likes to cook, here is a gift guide for Chefs from a fellow blogger. I like everything in this list even though I don’t cook!


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Craft & Folk Art Museum – Shop

One of my favorite things about a museum is the gift store. There, I said it. Consider me shallow, or just honest, but I love browsing through the beautiful things they carry, almost as much as I like looking at the art or bones. In these stores I find things that are different, beautiful, and interesting. Also, I enjoy buying books about the exhibitions I just saw, this helps me remember the exhibition like a hoola girl souvenir helps me remember Hawaii and enjoy it again later on.

Short detour: After two kids my memory has taken a turn for the worst, and I am afraid I will soon lose my mind. It seems that just forgetting my keys and cell phones is not enough nowadays; my brain now wants to punish me by making me forget names and stories I used to know and that made me feel smart. I blame the sleep deprivation. Is there anybody else out there losing his or her neurons? Or is it just me? Is my brain going to come back? Or, am I going to have dulled thinking abilities for the rest of my life? Please, let me know if you have the same issues. –End of the detour

In any case, buying books or beautiful things that remind me later of that particular visit to the museum, which otherwise blends and disappears into all the other visits to the museums, helping me stay engaged and connected with the art – or bones, I suppose, long after the visit.

A month ago, I went to the Craft & Folk Art Museum to see the Chris Francis shoe exhibition, which was amazing. Sadly, it has ended already so, if you didn’t make it, you missed your window of opportunity. In any case, after seeing the exhibition, I made my way to the shop, my happy place, and discovered one of the most beautifully curated museum shops in LA, and believe me, I know, as I have been in almost all of them several times.

It is a small shop, but it has handpicked items that go hand-in-hand with its mission of showcasing hand-made designs. They are beautiful, simple and a pleasure to look at.

Here are some of them, and, as you can see, they are not terribly expensive. What do you think? Do you have a favorite item?

Mt. Washington Blue Bell – $110jestcafe.com---museum-store Mt. Washington Pottery White Bell – $110jestcafe.com--museum-store-2 Brass Salad Servers – $45jestcafe.com--museum-store-3 Iringa Basket – $58jestcafe.com--museum-store-4 Telephone Wire Woven Basket – $190jestcafe.com--museum-store-5 Dani Ban Lotus Earrings – $76jestcafe.com--museum-store-6 WV Craftworks Indigo Stripe Coffee Mug – $30jestcafe.com--museum-store-7 Chan Natural Dyed Scarf – $58jestcafe.com--museum-store-8 Fait La Force Whale – $25jestcafe.com--museum-store-9 Wooldbuddy Neddle Felting Kit – $20jestcafe.com--museum-store-10 Tagua Nut Necklace – $80jestcafe.com--museum-store-11

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Gifts For Your Friend That Would Love Nothing More Than To Eat Her Way Around The World

I love traveling and I have many girlfriends that love it, too. I don’t get to travel to new places anymore because my vacations are used up by going to Chile and Canada every year. I am from Chile, therefore, I like to take my children down there when I can. George’s family goes to Canada once a year, so we need to head over there, too. All of this, leave us with no time to travel to new places, but I dream, oh yes, I dream. Love for traveling was one of the things that George and I had in common when we started dating, so I hope we can go on more adventures as a family soon.

In the mid-time, I live my dreams through my friends. Here is a list of potential gifts to all those girlfriends of mine (and yours) that like to travel. You are welcome!

Bensimon Tennis Elastic Sneakers – $55jestcafe.com---gifts for traveler friend1 Lipault Paris Trolley – $169.99jestcafe.com---lipault-paris-25-4w-trolley-tangerine-1 Travel + Leisure Magazine 1 Year Subscription – $12jestcafe.com---travel-and-leisure

Murad – Travel Size Radiant Skin Renewal Kit – $45jestcafe.com--gift-for-traveler-friend3

The Anatolian – Turkish Beach Towel – $24.50jestcafe.com-gift-for-traveler-friend2

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Coats for Spring/Winter 2015

The great weather is the best attraction LA has to offer, and the worst one at the same time. Of course it’s amazing to be able to take your children to the beach in January and February, which I have done, but it is sad not to enjoy the difference in seasons, or watch the snow fall once in a while….mmm. Who am I kidding!!?? I don’t miss any of those things!! I was born and raised in the cold south of Chile and by the time I was 5 years old I knew I was over it. But the truth is that there is ONE reason why I don’t love LA’s weather 100% of the time: because I don’t get to use winter clothes. Last year, I made the mistake of buying two thick coats for spring and winter and used each one of them no more than 3 times… Wow, this post is taking a really shallow turn right now. I mean, am I seriously complaining about how many coats I’m able to use each year!?

Ok, moving on. If you are lucky enough to live in a cold place, go ahead an buy what you need to save yourself from freezing, but if you live in LA, like I do, give this subject careful consideration and choose only one or two pieces that go with a variety of your outfits and that won’t suffocate you from heat when you are walking down Beverly Blvd, which reminds me of the horrible years when everybody was wearing Ugg boots around here and it was a sad and terrible thing to watch all these people sweating their lives away being fashionable.

So, here are some of the coats I am considering. As you can see, I like oversized coats that have a modern twist.

Stadium-Cloth Cocoon Coat -J Crewjestcafe.com---coatSlim Long Overcoat – Free People
jestcafe.com---coat7Longline Wool Blend Denim Duster – Topshop
jestcafe.com--coatFrolirege Coat – Anthropologiejestcafe.com---coat3 Colorblocked Trench Coat – Anthropologiejestcafe.com--coat4

jestcafe.com-coat4-1 Monsieur Coat – Madewelljestcafe.com----coat

Note: If you have been following the story of Aylan, and have cried like I have, you can go here to help. Let’s not forget we CAN make a difference.

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