ORC Kitchen – Week 2 – Paint decisions and our to-do list

Hi all, Here are the links to other ORC posts, in case you want to follow along: Week 1 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 I am excited about this kitchen renovation!! After weeks/months thinking about it, the design idea is finally settling in, and I feel I am […]

ORC Kitchen Plans – Week 1 – Color Blocking

Reading about how artists get inspired is one of my favorite things. I love hearing about the process behind the idea and creation. It pisses me off when design magazines skip this subject altogether. How do designers come up with a plan? Why did they decide to use this material versus another? The written content […]

colorful mural

Spring Home Tour

I am alive and pregnant. I thought you would want to know that. Before you ask any questions, I want to clarify a few things: 1) George made me do it (third baby), 2) yes, I am too old for this, and, 3) it’s a boy! (Here are my thoughts on having a third child […]

halloween wreath

Marigold Wreath DIY (and Garland) – Perfect for Fall

Is that time of the year!!!! My favorite time to blog! I am hoping I can get into a regular schedule again because the Fall and the Holidays deserve it. Let’s start with a charming and EASY decoration I made last weekend. This marigold wreath turned out beautiful! It lasted looking good for more than […]