A Naked Cake And A Baby shower

jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake12We threw a baby shower for my friend Maureen on Sunday. It was an intimate affair. Only 6 women from different ages and backgrounds talking for 4 hours non-stop. It was beautiful and reinvigorating to talk with smart ladies while eating good food  surrounded by flowers.

We baked a naked cake for the event, and by we, I mean my friend Janna. I was there to witness and take photos of the process and was surprised at how easy it was to make. Here are some photos of how she did it:


We had so much work to do that we took the easy route and bought cake mix. Janna divided two boxes in 4 different layers that were baked separately. The frosting was home made though. She used this recipe.

jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake11 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake10jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake9 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake8You need to cut the top of the layers after baking them so they are flat and easier to stack on top of each other. Add frosting and keep on adding layers. We added fruit to the cake for flavor and freshness. jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake7jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake6 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake5 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake4jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake3jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake2The last layer of the cake needs to be upside down so the top of your cake is brown and with no imperfections. Fill up the gaps with more frosting, decorate the top, and you are done! I used dahlias for decoration. So easy and beautiful.
jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake12 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake13jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake18 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake17jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake16 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake15 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake14jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake22 I went to the flower market in DTLA to get materials for the flower arrangements. I love the flower market so much. My favorite place in DTLA, for sure. Here are some photos of the arrangements I made. jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake21 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake20jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake28 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake27 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake26 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake25jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake35 I didn’t take many photos of the buffet table and the event. I didn’t allow enough time for a proper photo shoot before the baby shower started and I wanted to enjoy the company instead of taking pictures, but here you can find some of the ones I was able to take. jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake34 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake33 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake32jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake39 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake38 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake30This watermelon, tomato, mozzarella, and sage salad was so good. I have tomatoes growing in my backyard and they made this salad very delicious. jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake37 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake31 jestcafe.com-babyshower-and-naked-cake36I used succulents as the table centerpiece. Bought small bowls, filled them with succulents and voila, all done.

Hope you like the photos.

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  1. Traci Beach says:

    Hi, your cake and food are both just beautiful. I was curious to how long you baked the cakes for when you divided two boxes of cake into 4 pans of cakes. Thank you

    • Mila says:

      Traci, you are so sweet. To tell you the truth, we just got those two boxes, prepared all of them at the same time with double the ingredients that the box instructions say. AFter that, we divided the mix in four. It was SO easy to do. You need to bake the four layers separately for a couple of minutes less than what the box instructions say. If you are not sure, insert a small knife and make sure no liquid dough comes out of with it. Once the knife comes out clean, you are done! After baking, you need to cut the extra cake so the layer is flat. If you do it, send a photo so I can take a look! I would love to see.


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