Colorful Coasters DIY

If you believe that the “entertaining” devil is in the details, this post is for you!

Have you noticed how people get fixated on one or two things you do for entertaining and those set up the tone for the whole event? Well, here is an idea you can do to start your dinner/brunch with a bang: colorful coasters!

This is how the conversation with your guests would go:

Guest: WOW! Did you make these?

You: Yes, I did.

Guest: They are gorgeous.

You: Yeap, they are!

Guest: How did you make them?

You: I got the idea from this amazing blog called Jest Cafe. You should read it.

Guest: You are the best host ever!!

You: I know.

A wonderful brunch/dinner will follow where everybody talks about your fantastic craft woman abilities.

You are welcome!

How to make colorful coasters that will impress your friends

Difficulty (1-5): 1  Time: 2 hrs Cost: $20-$35


For this project, I got the inspiration from this image I found on Pinterest. The image is from Ampers and Design Studio.

Isn’t so happy and cute? I decided to use a similar motive for my coasters. Here is what I did.

paint coasterscork fun coasters


1) Draw your designs with a pencil. Use blue scotch tape for straight lines.

painted coasters DIY2) Because the cork is uneven, is easy to get lines that bleed. To get straight lines, you need to do a paint stroke starting in the blue tape and moving into the cork. colorful coasters instructioncork coasterswhat you need to paint coasters3) Be creative! I played a couple of podcasts while painting and I like the results.pastels coastersHere are more photos of the coasters:bring color to party with coastersfun coasters

how to paint coasterscoasters for partycolorful coastercolorful coasterspaint coastersbeautiful coasterscolorful diy coasterhow to paint coasterscreate coasterscoasters instructionsdiy coasters


For more ideas for your dinner party, here are some posts about an easy-to-do flower arrangement, 3 cute tablescapes, and a naked cake. Hope you like them!


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chocolate workshop

A Chocolate Workshop with Ococoa

chocolate workshop

Do any of you have a soft spot for chocolate? Well, I DO.

Chocolate and ice cream are the culprits of all my wrong-diet-doings (maybe beer, too). If it wasn’t for chocolate I would weight 20 pounds less, but I would also be 20 times unhappier. Food is something that gives me a lot of pleasure, so doing a chocolate workshop with Ococoa was pretty amazing.

Some time ago I met Diana Malouf, one of the owners of Ococoa. I asked her for an interview after trying her delicious chocolates and some of her collaborations with Salt & Straw – Ice cream + chocolate = ideal combination. There is chocolate and there is excellent chocolate and Ococoa is definitely in the latter category, so I was very happy to have Diana and her work partner, Liz, come to teach me and my friends a chocolate workshop. My friends, of course, are always up for having a good time, so it didn’t take a lot of effort to convince them to show up.

What is a chocolate workshop you might ask?

Well, it involves a lot of laughing, crafting and eating (plus drinking lots of mimosas because my friends like life bubbly). While doing this you learn about chocolate, where it comes from, how to temper it (bring the chocolate to the right temperature to work with), and then you make your own wonderful pieces that you take home. Yes, pretty much a dream come true.


chocolate workshop chocolate workshopchocolate workshopchocolate workshop After asking an insane amount of questions -my friends are curious- we started making truffles. The idea was to cover the truffles with the tempered chocolate. It was fun and tasty.chocolate workshopchocolate workshopchocolate workshopchocolate workshopchocolate workshopchocolate workshopThose dirty gloves are the defintion of FUN!chocolate workshopAfter that, we used transfer sheets to decorate chocolates. You need to apply the sheets while the chocolate is still warm and leave it there until the chocolate is completely dry. This will leave the design on the chocolate, making it look beautiful. Take a look:chocolate workshopchocolate workshop chocolate workshopFinally, we created mendiants. Diana says this is a fancy word for a simple chocolate with toppings. The idea is to create a base with the chocolate and place whatever toppings you want on top of them. Yum!chocolate workshopLook at this beauty:chocolate workshopchocolate workshop

chocolate workshop

I caught this guy stealing some of the chocolate (love emoji).

My favorite kind of activity is to hang out with friends while laughing and creating something that is why this workshop was so perfect. A nice combination of delicious and DIY, plus a lot of extra information about chocolate I never knew about. We all enjoyed it thoroughly and would do it again in a second…Everybody was happy doing something creative and feeling proud when taking home a big box of goodies.

For more information on workshops, head to Ococoa’s website or contact Diana or Liz here:

Telephone: 800.897.7015
Fax: 323.988.0742

Ococoa In-Store Pickup:
B&K Sugar Arts Lab
2835 S. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

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flower arrangement

Tips to Create a Romantic Flower Arrangement

flower arrangement

As I have mentioned already, one of my favorite things about being a blogger is the incredible community I have found online. I had never imagined this existed. I have met a lot of people through blogging; we follow each other on SM, participate in FB groups, go to conferences and make real friends. It is a great experience!

One of my first blogger friends was Jess from Domicile 37. We met through ORC, I think. She is usually hosting blogger projects and lets me participate. One of my favorite ones is “Inspired by DIY” which she co-hosts with Kathy from Up to Date Interiors once a month. In these posts we have a designer or creative person that works as inspiration for a DIY project.

Last month, I created these cement planters inspired by Wes Anderson’s style.

This month, we are supposed to get inspiration from Genevieve Gorder, an Interior Designer.

Gorder’s style is hard to pin point because she does a lot of different things. I decided to inspire myself in this photo from a space she designed:

genevieve border

My initial idea was to make a flower arrangement with dark and white flowers. I ended up choosing darker purple and white.

Here are the instructions about how to do this arrangement:

How to do a Romantic Flower Arrangement

Difficulty (1-5): 3  Time: 1 hour Cost: $50


-Flower vase. I used a wide and short one.

-Chicken wire

-Pruning scissors


-Flowers. I used 3 purple lilacs, 5 branches of hellebores, 3 magnolia branches, 4 white peonies, 2 white sweet pea, 4 lisianthus, and 2 white pieres japonica.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

flower arrangement1) Cut the chicken wire and place it inside the vase. Fill the vase 2/3 with water. I like to use chicken wire for flower arrangements because it allows to place the branches (specially the first ones) in the exact position you want. You can also use frogs or foam blocks. I don’t like to use foams as much because they are no good for delicate flowers as you have to push the flowers to insert them. Frogs are good but they don’t work for stems that are horizontally placed (those flowers sticking out to the sides).

2)Prepare your flowers. It is good to have your flowers arranged separately to be ready for use. You can have them on a table next to your vase. Remember to cut the tip of the stems before placing flowers in the vase to allow for better water absorption.

flower arrangement3) Decide the height and width of your arrangement. Place three branches that will delineate the space you want to work with. I used 3 magnolia branches. See above.

4) If you want to do a base of greenery, add it to the bottom. You can build up from it. I didn’t want to have too much greenery in my arrangement so I didn’t do this.

5)  Add your focal flowers- those flowers that will be the main ingredient of your arrangement, the focal point. In my case, I chose to use three purple Lilacs.

flower arrangement6) Start filling up empty space with filler flowers. In my case, I used hellebores, , white peonies, white sweet pea, white lisianthus, and white pieres japonica.

7) As you do this, step back and make sure your arrangement is looking the way you want. It is very difficult to shift the position of flowers once you put them in place, doing so might shift the position of the other flowers, so go slowly.

flower arrangement

Some photos of the final result:flower arrangement


flower arrangement


flower arrangement

I know I have been posting a lot of flowers lately. Sorry for those that are sick of it but it is SPRING! And I need to take advantage of so many beautiful colors popping up around me. Next week I will be doing Easter posts, in case you want to come back to see.

And now that you are ready to leave, I would recommend you to visit the blog of my cyber friends that also participated in this “Inspired by DIY” challenge. Here are the links to all the projects inspired by Genevieve Gorder:

Domicile 37 | Up To Date Interiors | Jest Cafe | 58 Water Street | The Rath Project | Semiglloss Interiors

6 Projects inspired by Genevieve Gorder

Thanks for stopping by!

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Hanging Flowers Decoration

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase an item through one of the links, I may receive a small percentage of that sale.  Thank you for supporting Jest Cafe.

My dear friend Janna is getting married and I am SO happy for her. [I know you are reading my friend so congrats!]

As you know, organizing a wedding can be overwhelming. There are so many possibilities! That is why Pinterest is such perfect place to get started. Are you getting married? Well, create a board and pin your way to a perfect wedding, I would say.

There are so many gorgeous images in there that make me wish I was the one getting married, but I am sure George won’t be up for it. Maybe vow renewal? No, that is not going to happen, so my best bet is to live my dreams through friends, in this case, Janna. (Btw, I have a board with images for wedding inspiration, in case you want to see click here)

The weekend before last we spent a lot of time looking for photo inspirations and I realized, once again, that I am attracted to photos that have a LOT of flowers, specially hanging flowers. Weddings are beautiful! I could spend hours pinning wedding photos! There is so much cute stuff out there!

After hours of pinning and drooling (yes, very productive, I know), I decided to create a statement piece of my own that uses flowers and is cheap and easy to do. Something that could be used at a wedding or when entertaining, this is how the hanging flower decoration was born.

Humans! This decoration is simple, budget friendly, and it looks so good. Here is how you do it!

Hanging Flowers Decoration

Difficulty (1-5): 2  Time: 2 hrs Cost: $70


  • Plywood – I used size 2ft x 4ft
  • 42 1/2 “ Brass Cup Hooks
  • 4 1 3/4″ Eye Screws
  • Rubber bands
  • White paint – I used a Behr sample from Home Depot.
  • Flowers
  • Rope
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Pruning scissors
  • Pencil


1) Paint the plywood with white paint on all sides. Let it dry. Paint it again.

2) Mark with your pencil the places where you want to drill holes. I marked 42 holes with 6in. in between and 4in between rows. I alternated rows of 4 and 3 holes.

3) Drill the holes

4) Screw the hooks into the drill holes

Also, a little tip from my handy man… when opening packages with hooks or other small pieces, it helps to cut a door in the back of the box instead of fully opening the package. This way, you can keep the package for storage.

5) Drill and screw 4 hooks to the other side of the plywood. One on each corner. Attach a rope to the hooks. You will use this rope to hang the decoration (see full photos below).

6) Start hanging your flowers with rubber bands. Choose the length and colors of your flowers and hang them one by one. I used bundles of 2-3 flowers at a time. You can use anything that is in season on your local grocery store. Roses and tulips are good options.

And, here is the result. Let’s take a look at some beautiful photos:

The result was better than I expected. The flowers looked so good, especially from down below. The project was done in just a couple of hours. It was easy to make.

WARNING: Some flowers don’t last long without water. I would say that you have around 5-6 hours of beauty before you they start withering but the “withering” look could also be beautiful.

Hope you liked this project!

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3 Ideas For Your Valentine’s Tablescapes

Writing about Valentine’s tablescapes is not easy for me to do right now, but I will try.  I have been very stressed lately, so I will use this opportunity to disconnect and talk about Valentine’s Day, because love is the answer.

So, I wanted to come up with three table settings to inspire your Valentine’s dinner. My favorite thing about entertaining is finding creative ways of decorating the table. See here, here, and here. I enjoy doing that a lot more than cooking, as you can see. Here are some ideas for your romantic dinner – homemade or takeout-.

Let’s get started

Whimsical Tablescape

In my dictionary purple is whimsical, wouldn’t you agree? Here are 4 tips to get the Whimsical Tablescape look.

1) Get a colorful tablecloth – velvet preferably. I bought this dark purple velvet at a fabric store and then used it as tablecloth. It turned out pretty cute, fancy, and luxurious.  2) Get colorful dish plates. Good news is that Valentine’s dinner is usually for two people only (maybe?) so you can go a little fancy with your dish selection. 3) Get candles. Candles turn a normal dinner into a romantic one in seconds. Buy some colorful candles that match the rest of your table setting.
4) Colorful wine glasses. These pink wine glasses with the gold rim are so cute, aren’t they? I like how they look with the purple around them. We can NEVER have enough pink and purple in our lives!!!!

Boho Tablescape

I think this one is my favorite table setting because it is the most creative and eclectic. Here are four tips to get the look: 1) Use textiles as tablecloth. There is no end to all the textiles we can use for the table! This is a handmade textile I bought in Chile.2) Mix metallics. This copper flatware looks great next to the gold rim bowl and plate. The plate was a thrift store find that I also used here. 3) Choose a surprising napkin color. These teal napkins are a nice contrast to the red colors of the tablecloth and flowers. 4) Pay attention to the flowers. There is no need to spend a lot of money in flowers. Tulips are in season right now. The good thing about tulips is that they command attention and they come in a lot of different colors. I like how, in this table setting, they complement the red color but also add touches of yellow.

Rustic Tablescape

Here is to simplicity!

4 tips to get the Rustic table setting look: 1) Let the wood shine. Rustic is natural. Don’t use tablecloth if you have a wooden table, instead, use a runner like this one. Simple and cute.
2) Decorate with succulents. Grab any succulents in your home and use them as decorations for the table. Cheap and E-A-S-Y!

3) Forget about red. I decided to use blue napkins for this tablescape. The plates are a thrift store find. i love them so much. The cocktail shaker is from Anthropologie.
4) Add a neutral wine glass. This wine glass is precious. Neutral but elegant.

(No affiliate links in this post because who has time to sign up for all those affiliate programs??? I will soon, though.)

Thanks for reading! I hope you got some good inspiration for your Valentine’s dinner.

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