Snooping On Etsy: Beautiful Sconces

Who wouldn’t want nice sconces in their home? I know I would, so I headed to Etsy to research what they got in this department. As always, Etsy didn’t dissapoint. There are so many beautiful alternatives from modern minimalist brass to antique colorful options. Ideally, I will get a black variety for our master bedroom, to position on each side of the bed.

In this search, I only looked for electric options but there are also plenty of different sconces for candles, which I think are also charming and beautiful.

The nice perk about most Etsy products is that they come in many varieties and can be individualized by sending a request to an Easy owner. If you see something you like, but it doesn’t perfectly fit 100% what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact the shop and see what they can do for you.

Here are my final choices, of all colors, styles and prices. Let me know what do you think.


Also, a list of beautiful light fixtures, gorgeous woven wall hangings, and, hanging rattan chairs. Gwendolyn Wall Sconce – $209 – Worleys Royal Sconce – $399 – Worleys Sconce – $179 – Worleys Walnut and Brass Wall Lamp – $105 – Pendant Edison Lamp – $188 -Fernweh Sputnik Wall Sconce –  $289 – Nautical Sconce – $135 – Boxwood Lights Plug In Wall Sconce – $99 – BoxWood Angle Pendant – $145 – Gagan Pair Of French Vintage Wall Lights -$155.50 – Label Wine Bottle Sconce – $68 – Linden – $200 – Park Studio – $250 – Park Studio Wall Sconce Modern Lighting White And Brass – $59 – Pair French Art Nouveau Wall Sconces – $167.75 – Daisy Roots Green Glass Wall Sconce, 1930’s – $299 – I Like Style Glass Wall Sconce – $102.74 –  Light With Wall Sconce With Brass Lampholder – $67.59 – Spark And Wall Sconce With White Ceramic Lamp Holder – $64.65 – Spark And Sconce With Black Bakelite Lamp Holder – $64.65 – Spark And Bell Myrtle – $155 – Triple Seven Frank – $160 – Triple Seven Newt – $98 – Triple Seven Modern Brass Light – $190 – Triple Seven Double Glass Globe – $99 – Pepe And Wall Sconce Vanity Gold Brass – $109 – Illuminate Brass Wall Sconce Light – $40 – Wall Sconce – $104 – Tasso White Wall Sconce – $21 – Patty Mora Vintage

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  1. Carina says:

    Very nice! I have a couple that I bought ages ago when I first moved, but I stored them so well, I never found them again! Maybe I accidentally donated them! One of those unexplained mysteries. I really liked the French vintage and the walnut plug in. Also the ones in the featured image. 🙂


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