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If you believe that the “entertaining” devil is in the details, this post is for you!

Have you noticed how people get fixated on one or two things you do for entertaining and those set up the tone for the whole event? Well, here is an idea you can do to start your dinner/brunch with a bang: colorful coasters!

This is how the conversation with your guests would go:

Guest: WOW! Did you make these?

You: Yes, I did.

Guest: They are gorgeous.

You: Yeap, they are!

Guest: How did you make them?

You: I got the idea from this amazing blog called Jest Cafe. You should read it.

Guest: You are the best host ever!!

You: I know.

A wonderful brunch/dinner will follow where everybody talks about your fantastic craft woman abilities.

You are welcome!

How to make colorful coasters that will impress your friends

Difficulty (1-5): 1  Time: 2 hrs Cost: $20-$35


For this project, I got the inspiration from this image I found on Pinterest. The image is from Ampers and Design Studio.

Isn’t so happy and cute? I decided to use a similar motive for my coasters. Here is what I did.

paint coasterscork fun coasters


1) Draw your designs with a pencil. Use blue scotch tape for straight lines.

painted coasters DIY2) Because the cork is uneven, is easy to get lines that bleed. To get straight lines, you need to do a paint stroke starting in the blue tape and moving into the cork. colorful coasters instructioncork coasterswhat you need to paint coasters3) Be creative! I played a couple of podcasts while painting and I like the results.pastels coastersHere are more photos of the coasters:bring color to party with coastersfun coasters

how to paint coasterscoasters for partycolorful coastercolorful coasterspaint coastersbeautiful coasterscolorful diy coasterhow to paint coasterscreate coasterscoasters instructionsdiy coasters


For more ideas for your dinner party, here are some posts about an easy-to-do flower arrangement, 3 cute tablescapes, and a naked cake. Hope you like them!


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