- fiddle fig tree

What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Do people know that there are more than 10,000 different types of interior plants? Apparently not, because the only plant that I see over and over again in every featured home on the Internet is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. I see the appeal: big beautiful lush leaves, lots of volume, and easy to take […]

Ramble The World – Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels are in! Chain hotels are out! Simple as that. The only problem with this premise is that 99.99% of our population (including me) can’t even afford to knock on the door of one of these fancy hotels, much less stay for a couple of nights, but because blogging is dreaming and dreaming is […]

Garden Concerts for Kids at the Getty

Summer in LA is fun — so much fun that I wish we could stay here during July and August and go away on vacation during the winter. I have children so I gravitate towards kid-friendly events. For example, we really like the Garden Concert for Kids at the Getty Center (not to be confused […]

Let Us Be Inspired By – David Hicks

I like to look at the work of old designers and discover the beauty of their details and point of view. David Hicks’ taste is probably over the top for some people today but his influence is everywhere. So much boldness in one room! A couple of facts: David Hicks was one of the top […]