Casa Simple – A Lesson On Unpretentious Design simple AD1Sometimes, you see homes in Design Magazines that catch your attention immediately. This happened to me with Casa Simple – AD Spain. The serene and unpretentious interior caught me eye. Its big ceilings, colorful floors, minimalist and purposeful design made me giggle. There are so many good ideas in this place, let’s take a look. simple AD2The tall windows are a definite yes. Also, the white walls. In general, I like more color in my house, but the gorgeous floors make up for it. I want those tiles in my kitchen! simple simple AD4 simple AD5The simplicity of the ceiling bulbs is perfect. The lines created by the cords fill up the space effortlessly. A reminder that unassuming decisions can be very sophisticated.

The art is kept to a minimum, not my normal cup of tea, but here it works. The positions of the plates on the wall are asymmetrical but perfectly balance. Honest decor that has light as its main component. simple AD6 simple AD7 simple AD8 simple simple AD10 This home has wonderful curated furniture. Look at that deco dresser, for example, or the Eames chair, or the Manises lamp… and that floor again. simple AD11 simple AD12 simple simple simple AD15 simple AD18] simple AD17 simple simple AD19 simple AD20 simple AD21 simple AD22This vintage shower surprised me. The idea of leaving the copper pipes out in the open is a great simple AD23 simple AD24 simple AD25 simple AD26 simple AD27

So, what did you think? are there any homes that inspire you? A house that you fell in love with? I would love to hear and see.


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  1. Jeanne says:

    Love the exposed pipes, duct work, light fixture cords and oh those tile floors. I can almost feel the coolness of the tile and with those wonderful patterns and colors, your decorating is done. What falls short for me are the skimpy “sheet/drapes”…maybe they didn’t photograph well…I think I’d opt for nothing on the windows. But as a whole, wow, what a house!

    • Mila says:

      Agree. the drapes are not my favorite. I also didn’t like the black couch next to the wall, but still, I love this apartment so much. I will use a lot of these ideas when I enlarge my house.

  2. Carina says:

    Wow, really is a beautiful home. ¡De veras! ¡Casa simple(mente hermosa)! Those floors are gorgeous – love how they can be seen throughout the house. They would be ideal in a warmer climate. Sigh… Thanks for sharing!

  3. Cher says:

    Great find! This is a lovely home. I love a quirky mix of styles and furnishings and this definitely checks those boxes. Still, it’s all combined with the flair of someone with a keen eye. Unpretentious—as you pointed out—but so chic!


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