halloween diy

A Halloween DIY Decoration You Can Do With Your Kids

halloween diy

I have small children (3 and 5 year old), therefore I need to choose craft projects wisely.

Like any other kid, my sons want to participate in everything I make, but not all Halloween DIYs are good for kids, not only because children don’t have the skills for major craft projects, but because some materials can be dangerous. A glue gun, for example, is better on the hands of adults only, but, how do you explain that to a 3 year old in a convincing way that guarantees him not touching it? Well, if you have a trick on how to do that, please, let me know. I would love to hear (PS- Saying “don’t do that” is not enough).

Victor has been excited about doing ghosts because the are SO easy to make, so I decided to do a “wall” of ghosts for Halloween. This year, I am finding inspiration from the Day of the Death celebrations for all our Halloween decorations,  so I decided to add purple, orange, and yellow ghosts to the mix.

Here is what we did:



Difficulty (1-5): 2 Time: 2 hours  Cost: $20


  • White Tissue Paper. I bought two sizes of white paper: 20×30 and 20×26. If you buy one size only, I would go for the bigger size.
  • Package of Tissue Paper in different colors. Remember that color fades when exposed to sun. Ghosts will last only 10 days looking good. Have this in mind before choosing to buy colored tissue paper. If you want your wall to last longer than 10 days, make only white ghosts.
  • 1 roll of White Select-A-Size Paper Towel. (BTW, newspaper won’t do because it shows through the tissue paper and the ghosts don’t look like one solid color.)
  • Fishing string
  • Scissors
  • Rope – to hang ghosts.
  • White string to tight ghosts’ necks. If you want to be a perfectionist, you will need colored string that matches the color of your colored ghosts, BUT, there is no need to be a perfectionist regarding Halloween decorations.
  • COFFEE! Believe me, you will need it.



Have your child or children tear the smallest size of paper towel. Have them roll the paper into a ball. You will use this as the head of the ghost.


Place the paper towel ball in the middle of an open tissue paper. This will create your ghost head and shape.
halloween DIY-6 halloween-diy 3


Cut a short piece of string- Use it to tie the tissue around the neck.

Halloween DIY 2



Tie a rope on top of the place where you want to create your wall. Horizontally.

halloween-diySTEP 5

Tie the fishing string to the string on the neck of the ghosts. Cut the fishing string at different lengths. Start hanging the ghosts to the rope one by one. Don’t place them too close to each other. Try to leave ½-1 inch between ghosts so the wall doesn’t look stuffy. Once you are done, look at the wall and make sure there are no big empty spaces.

Hanging the ghosts can be a little bit tedious, so get some coffee and take your time.

halloween-diy 4 halloween-diy 5halloween-decor2 halloween-decor3

With the wind, the ghosts look like they are flying. It is pretty cute to see. Also, I have had neighbors coming to tell us how cute the little wall looks. That is sweet.

For added spookiness, ask your kids to make spiders with black cardboard. You can hang them in between the ghosts.

Also, you can find a post on how to make a ghost family for your front yard, how to make a cheap and easy Halloween wreath, and other beautiful Halloween inspiration.


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Day Of The Dead Halloween Inspiration

jestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration4Oh Happy Day

Halloween decorations can be awesome or extremely tacky. There is no middle ground.

This year I have decided to stay away from gaudy and embrace some kind of stylish décor, if possible. Against me, as always, are my kids. They want blood and plastic. A hard line to walk! I want them to participate and be creative, but I also need to teach them the importance of decent taste- a major lesson for a 2 and a 4 year old, surely.

What I am planning to do for Halloween this season is to keep a simple color scheme and embrace “Day of the dead” décor. This Mexican holiday is beautiful. Full of bright colors and cute Calaveras, I think it’s the perfect middle ground for my kids and I to achieve a peace deal where I am the sole decider and they become my lovely minions.

On the other hand, I am worried about it not being spooky enough because “Day of the dead” decorations are far from scary, unless I bring some kind of twist to it. I will do a Mexican-American version of Halloween, I have decided.

Here are some photos and DIY projects that I found for inspiration. Let me know what do you think:

jestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-8Design Love Festjestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-11Source Unknown
jestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration10 Happy Thoughtjestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration7 Oh Happy Dayjestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration2Woman’s Dayjestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-12 Brit.cojestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-13Etsyjestcafe-com-ghosts-for-halloween6Jest Cafejestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration6 The Lettered Cottagejestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-5 Country Livingjestcafe-com-halloween-inspiration-3 Deco Pequesjestcafe-com-halloween-decoration-ideas1The Green Head

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