DIY Budget-Friendly Holiday Garland

This year I am decorating my house with natural cedar garlands for the Holidays. I want them everywhere! Because they are beautiful, chic, and smell SO good. Also, they are cheap and easy to make. This post about how to make your own garland is the proof.

(BTW, I am participating in a Holiday bloggers hop next week. Me and other bloggers are teaming up to show you how we decorate our homes for Christmas, in case you are in need of ideas. That is why this post is ONLY about how to make this cedar garland and it doesn’t show you how it would look with all the extra Holiday stuff once I decorate it- The photo above is the clean and simple version of this garland)

Without further due. Here are the instructions.

Difficulty (1-5): 2  Time: 45 mins  Cost: $25


  • Cedar branches (lots)
  • Floral Wire – I used 22 gauge.
  • Wire cutter
  • Pruning scissors

jestcafe-garland-diy jestcafe-garland-diy-2jestcafe-garland-diy-9 jestcafe-garland-diy-101) Make a knot on your starting branch with your floral wire.
jestcafe-garland-diy-3 2) Make a bunch of 3 cedar branches of smaller size.jestcafe-garland-diy-4 3) Attach the bunch to the first branch with floral wire. There is no need to cut the floral wire, just keep on winding it around the branches to create your garland.jestcafe-garland-diy-6jestcafe-garland-diy-114) Repeat until your garland has the desired length. jestcafe-garland-diy-12 jestcafe-garland-diy-13 5) At the end of the garland, create another bunch of three branches and attach them with floral wire. Add them to the end of the garland in the opposite direction to the rest of the branches. This will give the end of the garland a nice cascade shape.jestcafe-garland-diy-7 I placed my garland on the piano. Here is the result (without extra Holiday decorations):jestcafe-garland-diy-14jestcafe-garland-diy-8I am very happy with the result.  I wish the photo could really show how elegant the living room looks with this addition! So cheap and easy. It is surprising to see how small details like this can take your Holiday decorations to the next level. Thanks for visiting!

Also, a post about a wreath-making party, a flower workshop, and ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table.

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