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jestcafe.com - Panorama Wallpaper

Roaming the Internet is one of my favorite hobbies. In one of my latest trips through websites and design magazines, I found Elitis wallpaper, a company that takes panorama wallpaper to the next level.

I want to use wallpaper when I remodel my house (if that ever happens), but I would like to use something edgy, unusual and unexpected. When I saw the Elitis’ collection of panorama wallpapers and murals, I fell in love.  They are raw and unpredictable! A gorgeous statement to customize entire walls. Also, have you noticed how everybody is using panorama wallpapers lately? My only concern is that, after some years, you will probably get sick of seeing the same picture/panorama in your living room wall over and over again, but, why worry about that now?

Elitis is a French company with representatives all around the world. I am sure it is expensive though. Here are some pictures to spark your creativity.

jestcafe.com--panorama wallpaperjestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper12jestcafe.com-elitiswallpaper15jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper8jestcafe.com---elitis-wallpaperjestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper9 jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper7jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper4 jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper3 If you are not convinced about transforming a whole wall into a big panorama, you can use something more conservative but still different, like the L’original collection below, isn’t it gorgeous?

The sun of Palermo. The dazzling light at the end of the dark and cool narrow lane is palpable.    One discovers while still blinded, bas-reliefs carved by the sun.   Pottery, scrolls, sculptures invite the touch.     Charm, softness and inventiveness inspired these new designs.   

jestcafe.com--elitis-wallpaper16jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper10 jestcafe.com---Elitis-Wallpaper11

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