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Lately, I am not a fan of neutral sofas. Every single interior photo that I am pinning has a colorful couch to go with it. A pop of color like that catches my attention, excites me, and makes me very, very happy. I am not somebody to shy away from color, but I know a lot of people out there do. Even if you don’t like a colorful home, you can have a vibrant sofa surrounded with neutral colors. Now, if you like color, you could have the sofa surrounded by even more color, which is the way I would go.

Colorful sofas are a big trend today. They can bring a room back to life. They are also a risky proposition. It is hard to commit to a vibrant couch for years to come because you always have to decorate around it, but, remember, sometimes challenges can surge creativity.

In my opinion, radiant pieces of furniture are an asset you don’t want to shy away from. Why take the easy route? Get that colorful piece that will be a topic of conversation instead of the neutral couch that won’t. Just saying, let’s get out of our comfort zone!

I know I will when I have enough energy (and money) to tackle my next decoration project. I am thinking of the dining room or my bedroom… We will see.

Here are some photos of colorful sofas that have grabbed my attention lately. Do you like any of them? Any color preference? Would love to hear.


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Photo above from Anna Elizabeth Events

jestcafe.com-colorful-sofas29 The Glitter Guidejestcafe.com-colorful-sofas32Paper & Stitchjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas28 Home Ditjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas27 Convoyjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas24 Ricejestcafe.com-colorful-sofas25Oh Happy Dayjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas23Decor8
jestcafe.com-colorful-sofas22Little Big Belljestcafe.com-colorful-sofas21Meli Melijestcafe.com-colorful-sofas19Snake Ranchjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas18Tempo Da Delicadeza
jestcafe.com-colorful-sofas15Rain On A Tin Roofjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas14 Erika Brechteljestcafe.com-colorful-sofas4Apartment Therapyjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas13 Sheer Luxejestcafe.com-colorful-sofas12Haymes Paint
jestcafe.com-colorful-sofas7 French Fancyjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas2 Rue Magjestcafe.com-colorful-sofas10My Domainejestcafe.com-colorful-sofas3 Brit + Cojestcafe.com-colorful-sofas6 My Domainejestcafe.com-colorful-sofas8Miss Moss

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  1. Carina says:

    I love the first one, Miss Moss, and also the Convoy. When we moved into our current home, we decided to go with bright curtains (red!). It was slightly out of character, but it really seemed like it would work best. And it did. I love our living room/dining room. We do have neutral couches, but they look so great against the other pops of bright colour in the room. You are right, it is fun to play with colour and be a bit ‘daring’ with our choices sometimes. It will be so much fun to see your next reno! ?

    • Mila says:

      True! it is pretty awesome, but your brown leather chairs steal the show… back to neutral again. What was the brand of those chairs?

  2. Arielle says:

    That green and rattan sofa is ahhmazing. I’m smitten. Also love the monochrome of a saturated color sofa with painted walls! Now off to delve into that green sofa…

    • Mila says:

      The green and rattan sofa is one of my favorites, too. The lines are perfect, but I would be afraid of having it around my kids!


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