Gifts for Your Surfer Girlfriend With High Self Esteem

Most of my friends in LA complain they don’t go to the beach enough. A lot of excuses are used as explanations but we all know that laziness is the real culprit. Isn’t it kind of ridiculous? We live so close to the most beautiful beaches in the world and people don’t bother to get […]

Camping With Family And Friends- Leo Carrillo

Most of my LA friends hate camping. As one of them said, “I just don’t see any reason why giving up the comforts of city life is in any way fun.” Others are even more blunt and just admit they are ‘not into nature’. George and I, on the other hand, love camping, mainly as […]

Holy Cow- Damn Good BBQ in Culver City

I am married to the ultimate BBQ guy. When he barbacues, which he does often, all my friends fight each other to make it to the guest list. His meats always come out tender, flavorful and cooked to perfection. He is so good he has a You Tube TV channel with BBQ recipes. If you […]

Why Is The World More Beautiful Today – Gay Marriage

My friends, Chris and Miguel, have been fostering a 5 year-old girl for almost a year. Víctor loves D and always wants to play with her so we get together a lot. This weekend we were driving to their house and Víctor started rumbling about cute stuff, which he does a lot lately, and in […]