Garden Concerts for Kids at the Getty

Summer in LA is fun — so much fun that I wish we could stay here during July and August and go away on vacation during the winter. I have children so I gravitate towards kid-friendly events. For example, we really like the Garden Concert for Kids at the Getty Center (not to be confused […]

Let Us Be Inspired By – David Hicks

I like to look at the work of old designers and discover the beauty of their details and point of view. David Hicks’ taste is probably over the top for some people today but his influence is everywhere. So much boldness in one room! A couple of facts: David Hicks was one of the top […]

Let Us Visit Some Homes- Balearic Islands

The Mediterranean Style is so clean and simple with its stucco walls, wrought iron gates and carved entry doors. Many homes in the Balearic Islands have adapted this style into a rustic, summery, cottage feeling. I was looking at Luis Galliussi’s summer home in Ibiza in the AD website and I found it so perfect. […]

Women – The Strong, Nurturing And Beautiful Kind.

Lately I have been feeling very proud of being a woman. I have been reading some books on feminism (aka. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men) and I have come to understand better our role in society and the cultural baggage that defines us. Just […]