Easter Brunch Inspiration

jestcafe.com--easter-inspiration28Image Source Warren Photographic

Easter egg hunts are perfect because they include a lot of candy, children’s smiles, mimosas, and daylight partying.

All these things are right up my alley, that is why, three years ago, I decided to start hosting Easter egg hunts/brunchs in our backyard. Our house might be small (900 sq ft) but our garden is GIANT! so it is the perfect scenario for children to have fun.

This year, 50 people are coming. 25 of them are younger than 10! This affair will be loud, fun and sweet. Before you feel overwhelmed by MY to-do list (and general craziness), you need to know that I am not cooking. All guests bring food to share. I just take care of the decorations, eggs (galore!), and drinks. I know this is still a lot of work. Just hiding 1,000 eggs (yes, I wrote one thousand) can take more than one hour, but I enjoy it so much.

I have been pinning decoration ideas like crazy, and just enjoying planning the party so much. I really like to host… sometimes.

The colors of the party will be lavender and mint (not aqua, not teal, not light green… it is MINT! Why is it so hard for vendors to understand that there are words to describe colors and they should be R-E-S-P-E-C-T-E-D, or the world will turn into total chaos. Is that too difficult to get? Mint is NOT aqua, are we in the clear yet?).

After that little color rant, here are some of the photos I am using for inspiration. They are divided in 3 subjects: party décor, eggs decoration and food.

Let me know what do you think!

Easter Party Decoration


Image Source The Pretty Blogjestcafe.com--Easter-inspiration2Image Source Land Of Nodjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration31https://jestcafe.com/ Image Source Burnnets Boardsjestcafe.com-easter-inspiration1Image Source Land of Nod
jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration11 Image Source Tales From Twisty Lanejestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration23Image Source The Enchanted Homejestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration8 Image Source Brit + Co
jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration2 Image Source The Land Of Nod
jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration7 Image Source DIY Decoratorjestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration19 Image Source Ana Rosajestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration5Image Source Apartment Therapy

Easter Eggs Decorations

Metal is the word!

jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration24Image Source Peoplejestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration21
Image Source Martha Stewart

Gold leaf = LOVE

jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration18 Image Source Little Inspirationjestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration15Image Source For Rent
jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration13 Image Source Better Homesjestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration12Image Source Girl Inspired

These are definitely my favorites, but I don’t think I have the time to go hardcore like this with 1,000 eggs, do I?

jestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration9 Image Source Brit + Co

Food Inspiration

Flowers WILL be included on or in food items, that is for sure. Don’t really care if they are edible or not. People, just don’t eat the flowers, ok?

jestcafe.com--easter-inspiration33 Image Source Mintedjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration32 Image Source Deer Pear flowersjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration30 Image Source Good Housekeepingjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration29 Image Source Inspiration Kitchenjestcafe.com--Easter-brunch-inspiration14Image Source My Name Is Yehjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration34Image Source Mintedjestcafe.com--easter-inspiration27Image Source DIY + Projects

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6 replies
  1. Elise Xavier says:

    Am soo backlogged when it comes to reading my feeds, so I’m glad I managed to stumble upon this post while looking at my twitter feed. Adore all the whites, creams, and purples; those are definitely my favourites for Easter. Those cakes and eggs photographs you found = <3.

    • Mila says:

      Elise, I missed you around here! Happy you had time to stop by. Now I know I have to tweet at 7am PST to get your attention. 🙂

  2. paloma says:

    You are amazing Milita. It’s everything so special.. Just like you!! I’m totally with you in the colour discussion. Nobody really understand the names! ! I lived this chaos trying to explain the capuccino colour and the azul paquete de vela crema colour. . This is the perfect example to talk about girl complexity versus men simplicity… I dont know if the words I use in English do exist so I better leave. I love you!

    • Mila says:

      Linda! Entiendo perfecto. La historia de nuestras vidas. Now that I have been preparing for the brunch for a couple of weeks I realize it is not easy to find mint decorations, neither! It will end up being a mix of things. Ese color azul paquete de vela crema nunca lo he visto.. je. Te quiero


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