A Week In Chile – Santiago and Concepción


I am in Chile this week visiting my dad that is sick. I am heading to Punta Arenas to see him, the most southern city in the American continent – try to locate it on a map… should be fun.

I am traveling solo, no kids, and no husband. It feels weird and liberating. A 13 hrs flight is NOTHING when there are no children to take care of, don’t you think?

The original idea for this trip was to do a photographic project with my dad, but I don’t think we will be able to do it – a reminder of letting go of expectations – which is, for me, the lesson of 2016 so far.

My visits to Chile are always very busy. I have many things going on with family and friends, but this time around I am coming for a short time so I won’t be able to see a lot of people. It is funny, when I am down here it feels that I am living two lives instead of one. It is hard to believe I have been here for only some days because so many things have happened: I visited my sisters and my mom in Santiago and Concepción, I got the stomach flu (can you believe it!?), attended parties, ate empanadas, bought souvenirs, and flew to Punta Arenas.. Trying to fit everything in is the hardest part of coming to Chile.

Here are some photos of my days in Santiago and Concepción, in case you want to see.

jestcafe.com--chile19 jestcafe.com--chile18 jestcafe.com--chile2You wouldn’t know, but bread is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G in Chile. If you ever come here you need to eat hallullas and marraquetas with butter or avocado. That is a chilean breakfast for you. jestcafe.com--chile17 jestcafe.com--chile16 I thought this chair was kind of cool. I liked the color too.jestcafe.com--chile15I needed to get some chilean handcrafts so I headed to the “Pueblito Los Dominicos” in Santiago.jestcafe.com--chile14 jestcafe.com--chile13 This sign for the gentleman’s bathroom is so cool- bronze, vintage, Spanish… right up my alley. jestcafe.com--chile12 jestcafe.com--chile11jestcafe.com--chile5 jestcafe.com--chile8 These planters are big and cheap. You can paint them in any color you want if you don’t like the terra-cotta – so much potential!jestcafe.com--chile9 jestcafe.com--chile10jestcafe.com--chile4 Do you spot the plane’s shadow on those clouds?jestcafe.com--chile3 jestcafe.com--chile26 Every single house and building in downtown Concepción has something written on it – mainly poems or political statements.jestcafe.com--chile25 jestcafe.com--chile24 Piano Stairs.jestcafe.com--chile23jestcafe.com--chile22 jestcafe.com--chile21 jestcafe.com--chile20jestcafe.com--chile7My mom, my sisters and I. Sometimes I wonder if I was changed at the hospital when I was born, as I am twice their size and dark -but I was not. My dad and grandmother are proof of that.

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  1. yassi says:

    The bread DOES look amazing and so do all the other sites. I need to visit soon and soak up all of it. I want a print of one of the houses with poems painted on them – how amazing!!
    Hope your dad feels better – safe travels home friend… xoxo

  2. Carina says:

    As always, great pictures! Love the piano stairs! These pictures make me want to travel. Mila, I am sorry to hear that your dad was sick, and I am glad that he is feeling better now (I read your update in the above comment). I always remember your interview with him, he sounds like such an interesting man. Take good care xo

    • Mila says:

      He is doing better, but he is getting old. I am happy to be able to spend a little bit of time with him… thanks, Carina


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