Cemetery Of Punta Arenas, Chile.


As I mentioned in this post, I was in Chile last week. I visited my dad in Punta Arenas. He was sick so I wanted to spend some time with him.

Punta Arenas is a beautiful city, far away from the rest of the world. I feel so lucky to have been born and raised there, and going back is a reminder of how big the world is and how small our lives are (this sounds a little bit more depressing than I wanted it to sound), meaning that going back to our roots helps gaining perspective on what is important in life. I am lucky to have this place that reminds me not to take myself too seriously.

One of my favorite places in Punta Arenas is the cemetery. The most beautiful cemetery I have ever been in my life. It is almost 10 acres, and it was opened on 1894. It is filled with magic places and details. Most tombs are well taking care for, and some are very old.

Every time I visit Punta Arenas, I end up in the cemetery. You might think this is odd, but it is very peaceful and  filled with photo opportunities. For starters, it has many cone shape cypress trees that bring green to about everywhere you look, which is unusual for a cemetery this old. Also, it has many sculptures, buildings and decorations that are fun to photograph. Every corner of this place is magic and has some kind of surprise.

Growing up, my house was only one block away from the cemetery, so we used to visit all the time. It was the perfect place to go and have some adventures with friends. Very calm and safe… a small door to grief and hope.

Here are some photos in case you want to see. Have a great day!

jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery3jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery-1jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery6jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery4 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery5jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery10 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery13 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery23jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery11jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery12jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery14 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery15jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery18 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery17 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery19
jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery20 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery22jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery21jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery16jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery2jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery8 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery31jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery30jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery29jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery26 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery27

jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery28jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery25 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery24jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery68jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery33 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery36 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery35 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery34jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery37 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery41 jestcafe.com-cemetery-punta-arenas-60jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery39 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery38jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery40jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery42 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery46 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery45 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery43 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery50 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery49 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery48jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery51 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery53 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery52jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery54 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery58 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery57 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery56 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery55jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery59 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery63jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery64 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery62 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery61 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery60 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery69 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery67 jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery66jestcafe--Punta-Arenas-Cemetery65

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  1. Carina says:

    Hello Mila. I found this post touching – reading your reflections about your home town and the cemetery. The pictures are powerful, yet serene; melancholy, yet joyful. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Andrea says:

    Hermosas y nostágicas fotos Mila…¿te recuerdas este cementerio con nieve cuando los sonidos se apagan y los pasos son silenciosos?…sublime sin duda


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