Why Is The World More Beautiful Today – Gay Marriage


My friends, Chris and Miguel, have been fostering a 5 year-old girl for almost a year. Víctor loves D and always wants to play with her so we get together a lot. This weekend we were driving to their house and Víctor started rumbling about cute stuff, which he does a lot lately, and in the middle of this he mentioned D and asked me if her ‘dads’ were going out with us too.

We have never talked about gay parenting, nor family composition, gender, or anything like that. This has not been a conscious decision. He has never asked and I really don’t care. It is a non-issue for me. So, I was happily surprised when he said ‘dads’ like he says any word, without weight, and never wondering why a mommy is not in the picture

One of the arguments I have heard against gay marriage is the difficulty of explaining it to kids. Well, it seems to me that kids do not need much of an explanation and I am proud to see my children growing as free of this social construct as you can nowadays.

I understand gay rights have had tremendous legal success lately but true progress will only come when this success is also reflected in the small routines of life.



After this dramatic speech, I have to ask, am I the only one that thinks the Facebook filter everybody placed in their profile pictures to celebrate gay marriage was plain ugly?

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