5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants

 5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With PlantsI am a plant lover because they are a sure (and easy) way of decorating a room and making it look gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with plants, not matter how many, which kind, or where from, unless you steal one from the Botanic Gardens, which I wouldn’t recommend anyway for obvious reasons.

(If you call yourself a plant killer, I want to assure you, you are not. You are simply a careless person that would rather hang out with friends or watch GOT instead of watering an alive being. I totally get it because I used to be that way, so I have one and only advice for you: water that plant once a week. No matter which kind, let’s start with small steps and water that plant every Sunday… not too much water, not too little. Set the alarm. See how it goes – it is a miracle- the plant will survive. You can worry about over or under watering it later, after you have developed feelings for the plant and decide you want to keep it in spite of friends and GOT).

Ok, enough rambling.

5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants

Here are 5 tips to decorate your home with plants.

1) The first one (and a no brainer) is to buy plants that are easy to care for. Which ones are those, you might ask. Well, a short list of very easy to care plants include: ZZ plants, english ivy, snake plants, spider plants, fiddle leaf figs etc, etc.

For more on fiddle leaf figs, go here!

For this post, I used: wire vine, succulents (duh!), philodendron silver, and kangaroo paw fern. Here they are:

wire vinesucculentsphilodendron silverkangaroo paw fernThe wire vine has an unusual look that I am attracted to. A certain messiness and magic. The succulents are an obvious choice. They are easy to care for because they will survive a long time with no water, but they won’t thrive if they are dry. Make sure to follow the advice I gave you two paragraphs ago and water them every week no matter what.  The philodendron silver has been a wonderful discovery. It refuses to die. I have one in a small container in my kitchen and it keeps on growing even when I over water it. Finally, the Kangaroo Paw Fern is elegant and durable, like a lot of ferns. I would recommend any of the plants above for a nice new friend.

2) Be creative when choosing containers.

Anything that could fit a plant can be considered a potential vessel. I found this bird cage (see photo below) at a flea market. I also had an orange hanging lamp that was perfect for a plant but George broke it right before taking the photos for this post, so there you go, something didn’t want you to see that awesome lamp, but you get the idea. Cool containers can make a big difference for your plant set-up.

For inspiration, look at these cute pottery from Frances Palmer!

5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants
3) Mismatch your containers.

Something else I like to do is using different type of containers that don’t necessarily go together 100%. This white and blue modern container is not the obvious choice for that boho hanger, but I thought, “what the heck,” I am going to be wild and unpredictable today so I will mesh together an hexagonal white planter, with a boho hanger, and a vintage bird cage like they were born from the same mother. I am 37 years old and I can cry if I want to. 5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants4) Paint the pot. 

I didn’t like how the small white ceramic pot looked inside the bird cage so I painted it purple (see below). I like colorful pots but I couldn’t find the right color and size for the cage, so I painted a small ceramic pot purple. I like it. 5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants

5) Use beautiful hangers.

Macrame hangers are in style now. You can find them just about everywhere. The one in the photo below was a flea market find before macrame was the new “it” thing. Well, now, 10 years later, the hanger has been put to good use. I like how it adds color to the mix and a little bit of a boho accent.

5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With PlantsTo recap:

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Do people know that there are more than 10,000 different types of interior plants? Apparently not, because the only plant that I see over and over again in every featured home on the Internet is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

I see the appeal: big beautiful lush leaves, lots of volume, and easy to take care of, but can we agree that there are other plants in existence and that we could be more creative when deciding what to use? I am starting to think it is a requirement to have this tree in your living room if you want your house to appear in some kind of design site.

Of course, I am not immune to cute trends myself so I bought one of these trees a couple of years ago. Look at how beautiful it looks next to the white lounge chair:

Recently, I have been eager to replace it so I decided to get a 5’ tall Euphoria cactus. Look at how beautiful it looks.

I was so excited with my choice that I went to the closest nursery that same afternoon only to find only one big problem: the price tag. Unlike my $150 Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, the cactus is $500. Apparently, they are slow growers and that is why they are so expensive. I was upset. Also, this probably means I am onto a new trend: tall cactuses as interior plants. Well, at least this time I will be ahead of it… kind of.

In lieu with this reality, I decided not to change the tree for right now and accept that my house looks like every other house featured in Domino Magazine… I wish.

For more Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree love, see below. Pretty, isn’t?



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