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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Do people know that there are more than 10,000 different types of interior plants? Apparently not, because the only plant that I see over and over again in every featured home on the Internet is the Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree.

I see the appeal: big beautiful lush leaves, lots of volume, and easy to take care of, but can we agree that there are other plants in existence and that we could be more creative when deciding what to use? I am starting to think it is a requirement to have this tree in your living room if you want your house to appear in some kind of design site.

Of course, I am not immune to cute trends myself so I bought one of these trees a couple of years ago. Look at how beautiful it looks next to the white lounge chair:

Recently, I have been eager to replace it so I decided to get a 5’ tall Euphoria cactus. Look at how beautiful it looks.

I was so excited with my choice that I went to the closest nursery that same afternoon only to find only one big problem: the price tag. Unlike my $150 Fiddle Leaf Fig tree, the cactus is $500. Apparently, they are slow growers and that is why they are so expensive. I was upset. Also, this probably means I am onto a new trend: tall cactuses as interior plants. Well, at least this time I will be ahead of it… kind of.

In lieu with this reality, I decided not to change the tree for right now and accept that my house looks like every other house featured in Domino Magazine… I wish.

For more Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree love, see below. Pretty, isn’t?



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