An Outdoor Painting For Our Garden

It has been raining a lot in LA. A big difference from last year’s winter that was dry and hot even though it was El Niño. I don’t get it! What is going on “weather” people? Can you get it right? I need to know how the weather is going to be for the next 5 weeks to the hour to be able to pull off this outdoor project I have in the works. (Good news: the grass and plants are having a water makeover.)

What is this outdoor project you might ask? Let me explain.

The wall of our garage is a very, very sad place right now. Want to see?

Just looking at this boring wall depresses me and I am saying NO to depression this year – one of those unwritten resolutions I have– so I had to come up with a plan. Luckily, I was reading the Interior Design Magazine a couple of months ago and found this photo:

Do you see what I see? That wonderful and colorful outdoor painting? It is the Big wheel by Kat Murphy. Designer Peter Carlson creatively placed it on the outside of his barn house. VOILA! What a simple and perfect idea.

Finally, a solution in sight. I have decided to do an outdoor painting that brightens up that garage wall and my heart. Genius!

I know what you are thinking: “but you are a talentless painter!” You are right, you are right, but this wheel requires minimal talent (I think)! Nothing a blue tape (or 10) can’t handle, plus, remember, I have George who always comes to the rescue.

Here is the Big Wheel by Kat Murphy from up close:

Doesn’t seem that hard to make, does it? I decided to create a big square painting instead of a round one because I don’t want to spend the money on getting a big customized piece of wood, plus, I don’t want to be a copycat 100%.

The next decision to make was colors. Have you seen the mural that Oh Joy painted for the Souther California Children’s museum? Here is a portion of it:

I really like the palette, although I need to add darker colors to embrace the adult that lives inside me.

After playing around with colors in Photoshop A LOT, I came up with the following image:

It is a little crazy, I know, but it is also very unexpected and possibly very, very cool. I am into color this year. I want to take risks and be more original. This is a great way to jump start my 2017 and put my projects into gear.

I am planning to start the painting this week and hopefully have it hanging on the wall by the end of next weekend. UPDATE: HERE IS THE LINK TO THE POST WITH FINAL PAINTING.

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