Why is the World More Beautiful Today – Interracial Love


I don’t get emotional about many things. In fact, my husband believes I am a heartless, stubborn, unsympathetic Latina. He bases this judgment solely on the fact that I don’t watch the end of stupid romantic movies. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good romantic comedy, but when the end comes and a wedding is happening and the guy runs to get back the one he loves, it can get pretty corny, plus, we all know they will be divorced in 3 years anyway.

So, I was running errands a couple of weeks ago and saw a couple. A beautiful, very dark woman, maybe from India, around 8 months pregnant, laughing and holding hands with her partner, a really, extremely, white dude. They were shopping for baby stuff and looked so happy and at ease. It was a beautiful scene. It moved me. It moves me when people can express their feelings freely. When you are allowed to love whomever you choose with no judgment of others. When people live their lives outside of old conventions, with communities that are supportive and nurturing.

I know nothing about this couple and their personal history and struggles, but I know that this particular day they looked very happy and in love.

Of course, I see this all the time in LA now. Latinos with African Americans, Whites with Asians, etc, etc. I know it is common and normal (at least in LA) to see this. Interracial couples are everywhere but it wasn’t a long time ago when this was not normal, when people were judged by society and forbidden to love.

There is a long way to go but let’s not forget today that we have walked a long way already and we should be proud of that. #lovewins

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