The Valencia Lounge Hostel And The Power Of Paint you find interior design ideas that blow your mind in small pieces of jealousy. How didn’t I think about that before? You wonder. How are people so creative to come up with these simple, cheap, and life changing ideas? Can I be one of these people?

That is the way I felt after seeing photos of the Valencia Lounge Hostel, specifically this one:

Isn’t so cool? The circle going into the headboard, vibrant colors, and interesting shapes. Big doses of creativity and a medium amount of paint, that would do it. So cheap and easy! Just when I was thinking I didn’t have the budget to fix our master bedroom, I stumbled upon these photos, got the creative bug, and realized what I could do with a low budget.

The paintings/murals are probably inspired by the Memphis Group’s geometrical shapes and colors. They feel alive and vibrant. I love them all. Let’s take a look. lounge hostel 13So, what do you think? Do you like them as much as I do?

These rooms have given me the idea of creating shapes with different color moldings. I need to come up with a plan for the walls of the room and share it here.

In other news, my phone felt in the water last Friday. 4 days without a phone! A very nice treat, indeed. Although I am not thrilled about having to pay for a new one, I welcome the reminder of how nice is to be disconnected for a little while.

Thanks for stopping by!

Also, a post about the Memphis Group designer Ettore Sottsass, designer Miriam Alía, and Spanish design.

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Teepee In The Nursery

Are you a mother of a small child or soon to be one? Well, then you better have a teepee in your nursery or you should go and buy one right about now if you want your nursery to be featured anywhere else than your personal Facebook page. Right now, it is all about Native American décor with a twist (what I call gentrifying Native American art). Just type nursery in your Pinterest account and 90% of the pictures will have some kind of teepee in a corner.

What is the attraction of the teepees? Well, kids love hiding and parents love when they do, so it is a win, win situation, unless the child wants you to crawl into that tiny space and read him/her some books in a very uncomfortable position, in which case you should bring up your old age, and explain in basic words why your back pain kicks in when laying on the floor in any yoga position. After one minute of explanation, your child WILL give up (I have tried it). He or she will decide that it is more fun to go inside the teepee by him/herself (or with sibling in tow) than hearing all that aging nonsense.

So, there you go, I am not only giving you great design advice, but I am also giving you clear guidelines to be a better parent, all in one blog spot. Small steps, people. Small steps.


If you are sold and have decided to buy what is also known as a tipi, here are some of your options:


Little Me Teepee – Etsy

Land of Nod

AZ Teepee – Tiny TeePee – Lil’ Brett & Co Tents – and Spud Designs – Etsy

If you are a hardcore DIY, first, let me say that I admire you and wish to be like you, and, second, let me show you this extremely cute teepee with a link to a step by step guide that will show you how to create it all by yourself. When done, please, send pictures my way. I would love to see it and envy you some more.

Dress This Nest  DIY

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