My Bold Hues First Edition

One of the highlights of this January 2017 has been to look at the great images showing up in the #myboldhues IG feed.

When we started this hashtag a couple of weeks ago, I never thought I would get so much inspiration from this humble feed.

Looking back, I was worried to see if anybody would even care to post something! Well, fear not, because a lot of people used the tag. Choosing my favorites was a hard decision but here are my top 5:


Claire Brody’s style always has my heart. I have a thing for vintage portraits. (you don’t believe me? Well, here and here is the proof.) The way she hang them in here is a great idea for a display. Also, the lamp, flower vase, and cabinet go so perfect together. I love everything that is happening here.


Mary from @coppercorners hand painted this wall. With that talent there is no need for wallpaper anymore. The combination of pink and black, plus all those paintings on the shelf, look perfect.


I have been looking for a green velvet couch for a while so you can understand how as soon as I saw this photo by suburban bees, I filed it into my favorites. That green sofa makes this room perfect.


What an eclectic mix you can find in this photo! That wonderful wallpaper, the print, and that incredible table setting. I love it all. Kimberly is a master at combining different styles and making them look cohesive. Love this room.


The blue in here makes this place peaceful and strong. The addition of yellows and greens are a wonderful touch. Love what @thenewsaintly did in her living room. Look at all the decoration details!

Ok, that was the first round-up of this wonderful hashtag. Thank you so much for stopping by and don’t forget to keep on tagging your photos. #MYBOLDHUES feed is a place where people can share spaces, projects, and moments that are full of color.

We will be featuring our favorite posts on the last Wednesday of each month so, please, tag along to participate!

Now, for inspiration, go and take a look at the images featured by my partners in color crime:

Ariel from PMQ for Two, Jess from Domicile37, Cate from Style Mutt Home, Karen from Copper Dot Interiors, Angela from Blue i Style, and Emy From Semi-Gloss Designs


Let Us Connect:

Introducing #MYBOLDHUES For Instagram

When I was 15 and going though crazy hormonal changes, my mother let me decorate my own (very small) room on the second floor. To appease those erratic and sad emotions, I decided to paint each of the walls with a different color. My mom silently freaked out, but I went ahead with my plan undiscouraged. It was my first decorating project and I liked it. A lot.

I remember the result so vividly and it was AWESOME! I loved being in that room with roof access for private matters, a big window looking into the garden, and a desk for all my projects and homework. All of it surrounded by color-lots of it.

I felt like a big deal in spite of my awkward body and pimples. That is what you call confidence in spite of reality. (So now you know, if you are or have a teenage girl going through unexpected and annoying hormonal changes, let her decorate her own room and the problem will be solved right there and then… for at least a day or two.)

Going back to the color subject… I am telling you this long and boring story as an introduction to a new Instagram hashtag we have created with 6 other amazing bloggers. The name is #MYBOLD HUES. The idea is to create a place on IG where people can share spaces, projects, and moments that are full of color. Beware, because this hashtag will take over the color design cyber world by storm. You will see.

We will be featuring our favorite posts the last Wednesday of each month, so don’t forget to participate!

My partners in color crime are:

Ariel from PMQ for Two, Jess from, Cate from Style Mutt Home, Karen from Copper Dot Interiors, Angela from Blue i Style, and Emy From Semi-Gloss Designs

All these bloggers are lovely ladies that I encourage you to follow. We all have different styles but admire each other’s work.

As you can see, I am into color this year, what can I say. I want to see crazy, edgy, random, mismatched images inspired by this hashtag. I have been so happy seeing what people have posted already so, please, if you have an IG account, go ahead and share what you got. I would love to see. And, if you don’t follow my IG account (yet), do it now!!! It would be a great way of starting your year! he.

Thanks for stopping by!

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