One Room Challenge – Week 2- Choosing a Color Palette


image via: @tangledgarden

Here we are, in the second week of the One Room Challenge. Very fun!

If you read about my plans for the living room last week, then you know I want to paint a mural on the wall. If you didn’t, you can read all about it here.

Choosing the right color hue for the mural is M-A-J-O-R. Probably the most important decision. I want it to be happy and calming. Bright and muted, is that even possible?

I want fun colors like purple, orange, and green, but in a calming version. For example, lavender would be a nice shade of purple, don’t you think?

When I am in a color dilemma, I like to visit This is a website run by Jessica Colaluca, and it is full of color inspiration. She finds beautiful images and matches them to its corresponding color palette; she chooses approximately 6 colors that are the main shades of the photo.

I like to look for color palettes inspired by nature. They are a sure way to find elegant and beautiful tones, without craziness, but great taste.

I was roaming through this website and found a lot of ideas. Here are the hues I liked the most (including the one on top of this page):

jest-cafe-colornature1_150  image via: @carolyn.evejest-cafe-florapalette1_150 image via: @theflowercultjest-cafe-heavenlyhues2_150 image via: @ozgecenbercijest-cafec-succulenthues_150

image via: @traceybolton

What do you think? Which palette should I choose for the mural?

I am leaning towards the flower cult photo. It has orange, purple, green, and grey. The colors are a perfect combination that is not overpowering or too vibrant.

What do you think?

My plan is to choose colors this week, find vintage decorations next week, come up with a final design, and start painting in two- three weeks. Wish me luck!

For more on this challenge, here is Week 1.

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