I Never Learn – Lykke Li

Lykke Li’s album, I Never Learn, was released in 2014, but I still listen to it regularly. I love how edgy it is. How much beauty and pain some of the songs can hold. It is an amazing album from beginning to end and I can’t wait until she releases the next one. I also love the esthetics of the music videos. They are so earthy and dreamy. The feelings are real, but they seem to take place in a different world.

Music is amazing nowadays. I like how technology has allowed us to access a huge variety of genres from all over the world in a matter of seconds. Internet is a beautiful thing, indeed, if used wisely.

Here are my favorite songs from  Lykke Li’s album. My personal favorite is “I Follow Rivers”, followed closely by “I Never Learn.” These songs are the opposite of a typical, commercial, boring, and, uncreative pop song. Listen to them with an open mind.

Do you have any album recommendations from 2015? I have a couple of favorites that I will be sharing here soon, but I would love to hear more.

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