Basil Berry Drink – Because You (And I) Need It.

I love alcohol. I truly do. And when I say alcohol I mean crafted drinks. Don’t give me Red bull and vodka because I’ll destroy you and your loved ones but give me a good Tijuana Bible, Outlaw, or Blonde Hemingway Fizz and we are game. I just LOVE those pretentious names that mean nothing […]

Cool Gifts For Your Gay Male Friend That Likes Beautiful Things Like Pottery

I have a lot of gay friends. I have always had. I don’t know if I have a gay magnet or what but they seem to spy me from miles away. Some of these friends are in denial and they tell me that I’m the one who finds them. One friend even accused me of […]

Summer Hit Song

Some weeks ago I was listening to a discussion on the radio about which song is the hit of the summer. Non of the candidates seemed any good to me. Actually, I kind of hated all the options. Then, a couple of weeks ago, Beck released this single called “Dreams” and I finally know which song […]

Father’s Day T-Shirts

This year I wanted to do something different for Father’s Day. I am kind of bored of the typical child’s crappy craft gift with some bad hand prints on it so I went into Etsy and found these t-shirts. Dad was matching the kids all day with copy + paste shirts. Pretty darn cute! People […]