Coats for Spring/Winter 2015

The great weather is the best attraction LA has to offer, and the worst one at the same time. Of course it’s amazing to be able to take your children to the beach in January and February, which I have done, but it is sad not to enjoy the difference in seasons, or watch the […]

Snooping on Etsy – Art for the Nursery

So, what is the best art for a nursery? I would say whimsical, little bit dreamy, and affordable. Something that transports you to the world of a child, a world of imagination, color, and wonder -while still being tasteful to adults who might stagger in to change a diaper.. Now, where to find art like […]

Visiting Atwater Village

I had been hearing about the cool stores in Atwater Village for a while, so when a couple of friends wanted to go there for brunch and check out the stores, I jumped right in. Eating and shopping – awesome combination. Talking to girlfriends is the best. It is well-known science that women are excellent […]

Gifts For Your Friend That Likes To Host Dinner Parties

Hosting dinners is not for sissies. Planning a menu, paying for food, cooking, cleaning the house, and feeding a bunch of people is not easy, but it is FUN (for certain types of people). Many people don’t seem to enjoy having guests for dinner, but I have a couple of friends that do put food […]