A Perfect Evening – The Popup Dinner Affair

In my opinion, the perfect evening out is one where I eat good food, have good conversations, avoid a lot of noise and crowds, dance a little, and, I am in bed by 10:30pm. As you can see, I have a lot of requirements that don’t mix together, but then, I found out a PopUp dinner was […]

Women – #LetGo Campaign

If you could give an advice to younger women, what would it be? A good friend of mine sent me a link to the video below last week. I like the idea of learning from the old. Learning from age and wisdom. It is not easy to listen to those who are different. It is […]

I Never Learn – Lykke Li

Lykke Li’s album, I Never Learn, was released in 2014, but I still listen to it regularly. I love how edgy it is. How much beauty and pain some of the songs can hold. It is an amazing album from beginning to end and I can’t wait until she releases the next one. I also love the esthetics […]

Craft & Folk Art Museum – Shop

One of my favorite things about a museum is the gift store. There, I said it. Consider me shallow, or just honest, but I love browsing through the beautiful things they carry, almost as much as I like looking at the art or bones. In these stores I find things that are different, beautiful, and […]