Being Thankful And Life Lately

I feel very happy/lucky with my life right now. I am thankful for this family of mine. My two healthy and sweet children and this husband I was lucky to meet 14 years ago.  I don’t like to get corny and I don’t like to pretend my life is perfect, but I do know I have it pretty good and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for my friends, family, job, and roof over my head. 

Here are some pictures of life lately.
Last year, Víctor decided to be a robot for Halloween. Well, a year later he hadn’t forgotten, so George got to work and created a robot costume for both kids. They were pretty awesome. They not only had lights, but also voice transformers that converted their voices into robot voices. He was working on these costumes all weekend! The kids (and their friends) loved them. Thanks, George!
Here are some pictures of the kids playing together as they always do. They play nicely (and quietly) more and more every week that goes by. Max is getting better at not destroying whatever Victor has in the works and Victor is getting better at not punching Max in the face at the first sign of frustration. Last week, they played for a whole hour in their bedroom without one sign of violence. Score!
Pretending to be the Rolling Stones:
Pretending to be a ghost:
Pretending to be adorable:
Last month, George was gone for a couple of days so we visited all the local restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I don’t cook a lot because I hate it, plus, I am not about to cook AND do dishes three times a day. I just won’t, so, say hello Venice Bakery!!
And Tara’s Himalayan Cuisine:
And S&W Country Diner:
And Cafe Brazil:
In other news, Victor has always wanted to have more “babies.” He is pretty adamant about it, but I never took him that seriously until I saw these pictures he draw for school. See extra nameless baby on pictures below: likes building things:
Max gets his first professional haircut at the local hair salon:
George and I, in what probably is the only picture that we have together from the last couple of years:
These cute vintage baby shoes I found at the local thrift store. I love them!
This has been our life lately. Pretty simple and full. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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  1. Elise Xavier says:

    Oh my, your kids are ridiculously cute! Those eyes and freckles, though!! Just adorable 🙂

    Love the robot costume, and really feel what you were saying in the intro – “I don’t like to get corny and I don’t like to pretend my life is perfect, but I do know I have it pretty good and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for my friends, family, job, and roof over my head.”

    We have got a lot. Many people are struggling financially to even keep a roof over their heads, and there are I’m certain many lonely people on this holiday. Got a lot to be thankful for, for sure! 🙂

  2. Yulia says:

    Mila, this is such a kind and inspiring post. Your sons are really cute, and I probably can’t imagine how fun it must be to spend time with them and watch them grow:) It is just me and my husband in our family right now, but I am excited about the future.
    I really liked what you said in the beginning of your post about our lives not being perfect. Every time I feel like complaining, I try to think about things I should be thankful for. This works every time.
    Thank you so much for sharing! Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend:)


    • Mila says:

      Having kids is a lot of fun for some people. I know it is a lot of fun for me. Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, too! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Jo says:

    I’m so glad I came by your lovely blog, Mila. Thank you for this sweet post! Your boys are not only very very handsome — I can see where they got their good looks from! — but I love it that they look alike each other so much!

    (My two boys are 2 1/2 years apart and I feel like they’ve only just started to play well together since the start of this year/when my younger one turned 3 1/2… I mean, they still bicker and all but they play for prolonged periods of time, so yeah, I really can’t complain. 🙂

    • Mila says:

      Thank you so much, Jo. It is so great when siblings start playing together, mainly because they live their parents alone! ha! But, also because it is just sweet to see that interaction.


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