Gifts For Your Friend That Would Love Nothing More Than To Eat Her Way Around The World

I love traveling and I have many girlfriends that love it, too. I don’t get to travel to new places anymore because my vacations are used up by going to Chile and Canada every year. I am from Chile, therefore, I like to take my children down there when I can. George’s family goes to Canada once a year, so we need to head over there, too. All of this, leave us with no time to travel to new places, but I dream, oh yes, I dream. Love for traveling was one of the things that George and I had in common when we started dating, so I hope we can go on more adventures as a family soon.

In the mid-time, I live my dreams through my friends. Here is a list of potential gifts to all those girlfriends of mine (and yours) that like to travel. You are welcome!

Bensimon Tennis Elastic Sneakers – $ for traveler friend1 Lipault Paris Trolley – $ Travel + Leisure Magazine 1 Year Subscription – $

Murad – Travel Size Radiant Skin Renewal Kit – $

The Anatolian – Turkish Beach Towel – $

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