Gifts For Your Friend That Likes To Host Dinner Parties

Hosting dinners is not for sissies. Planning a menu, paying for food, cooking, cleaning the house, and feeding a bunch of people is not easy, but it is FUN (for certain types of people). Many people don’t seem to enjoy having guests for dinner, but I have a couple of friends that do put food on my plate once in a while and I am forever grateful for them.

Everyone has a friend that likes to host dinner parties so, if you feel indebted to him or her and want to contribute to the paraphernalia that may help feed you again in the future, here are your options for gifts:

Copper Salt + Pepper Shakers, Steven Alan. $70

Clean shape with metallic finish, these shakers are trim and elegant. I like that the top is white or black to identify salt from pepper because after a few drinks they are easy to confuse; I see people all the time shaking the spice into their hands to figure out what the seasoning is in there. Also, a host can never have too many salt and pepper shakers. - gift for friend that likes to host2

– Skultuna – Large bowl, The Line.  $86

This brass bowl with white enamel interior is cute and practical. Once again, a host can never have too many bowls and this color matches all kinds of table settings. - gifts for friends that like to host4 -gifts for friends that like to host5

– Oslo Cutlery Set 5pc – Matte copper. Domino.  $99

Remember how gold silverware has been in every single table setting in the last couple of years? Well, my hint is that copper will be the new “it” thing, so the sooner your friend starts collecting and serving in this kind of utensils, the better for everybody involved in her dinner parties. Also, can we stop for a second and look at how beautiful these pieces are? The straight lines and the deep color make them very special. Cute. - gifts for friends that like to host6
Langholm Cheese Knives, Anthropologie. $35

A good host will always serve a cheese board at some point and given that metals are the way to go nowadays, these Anthropologie cheese knives are the perfect gift for any friend that likes to feed people. They are whimsical and practical. for friend that likes to host1

– White Vase, Vitrified Studio, Etsy. $85

No matter what the color of your friend’s kitchen is, a white tall cylinder shaped vase is the way to go. This one is so beautiful, handmade with clay, clean and natural. Perfect for flowers or large utensils. - gifts for friend that likes to host3

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