What do you find attractive in a guy (or girl)?

jestcafe-com-attractive-menMy friend Paloma was visiting last week and we got to talk about what we found attractive in guys; those traits that transform an average men (or women) into a 9 or 10. She told me that her number one measurement of sexiness is music. If a guy knows how to play an instrument his sex appeal goes up a million points in her world.

I have been thinking about this, trying to figure out what are my preferences. I like big hands, for example. I like big and masculine guys. Tattoo with beard kind of guys. I find that sexy. Another one of my friends likes big noses and deep voices.

But, aside from the obvious physical attraction, there are personality attributes that are important. For me, is important that a guy is smart and knowledgeable about the world. Guys that are intellectual without being BORING because I like to learn things from my partner while laughing and drinking a martini. We have also talked in this blog about how sexy handy men are, don’t you think?

But the one thing I find the most attractive is sense of humor. If a guy knows how to make me laugh and is able to laugh at himself, I am IN. I think that is the sexiest thing a guy can do for me. Be funny. Also, with humor comes self-confidence, another must-have, don’t you think?

What about you? Is there any of the traits I mentioned above attractive for you? Or any other qualities come to mind? I am so curious.

(Images by Andy Gotts, because George Clooney is the ultimate sexy man, don’ you agree?)


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  1. Carolina says:

    I agree about big hands being sexy, but what I really like is when a guy is a gentleman. I love when they open a door for me or bring me flowers. I must be old school.

  2. Carina says:

    For me, it’s hard to say one thing because it’s the person as a whole that appeals. Still, I do like a big, masculine guy (not into tattoos, though) and humour always tops my list, too. I agree with the previous commenter – I like a gentleman, And a person who likes to grow and learn. Hmmm…. that’s a pretty long list. I guess I am pickier than I thought! Haha

    • Mila says:

      Cute, funny, and kind. All really important qualities! I don’t think that is being picky, just having common sense. 🙂

  3. Jeanne says:

    A man who is Intelligent and Grounded. Not boring. Solid but willing to try new things. Someone I can challenge knowing that he isn’t going to be intimidated. Someone I can believe in and who believes in me. Thanks for allowing me to reflect and remember.

    • Mila says:

      Yes! Somebody that is not intimidated by a women’s career. And someone that is supportive. All very important attributes.


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