Father’s Day T-Shirts

This year I wanted to do something different for Father’s Day. I am kind of bored of the typical child’s crappy craft gift with some bad hand prints on it so I went into Etsy and found these t-shirts. Dad was matching the kids all day with copy + paste shirts. Pretty darn cute! People loved them too. We got a bunch of compliments from strangers (which is the only measure of success, as we all know).


Also, as any parent knows, white T-shirts are not ideal for kids. Actually they are pretty awful, I must say, as they get dirty within 5 seconds of use. That is why I made sure I took these pictures right after they put them on . The rest of the day they had red, purple and brown stains all over, but they were still fun and cute.


Happy Father’s Day to all of fathers out there!

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