One Room Challenge - Week 5 - The Beauty Of White Walls

(Note to future self: Do NOT participate in the Fall One…

Balloon Birthday DIY

For his 3rd birthday, Max wanted his birthday to be about…
one room challenge

One Room Challenge - Week 4 - Living Room Update

I am late with this post about our living room, I know, but…

Colorful Calaveras - Another Cute Halloween DIY

Here is another Halloween DIY project we did last week. I have…

One Room Challenge - Week 3 - Vintage Decor

Hey Interior Design aficionados! If you read this blog once…
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A Halloween DIY Decoration You Can Do With Your Kids

I have small children (3 and 5 year old), therefore I need…
halloween wreath

How To Make A Halloween Wreath

Creating a Halloween wreath is VERY easy. Do not be discouraged…

One Room Challenge - Week 2- Choosing a Color Palette

image via: @tangledgarden Here we are, in the second week…

One Room Challenge - Our Living Room

The One Room Challenge is here! Don’t know if to get excited…