One Room Challenge – Week 2- Choosing a Color Palette


image via: @tangledgarden

Here we are, in the second week of the One Room Challenge. Very fun!

If you read about my plans for the living room last week, then you know I want to paint a mural on the wall. If you didn’t, you can read all about it here.

Choosing the right color hue for the mural is M-A-J-O-R. Probably the most important decision. I want it to be happy and calming. Bright and muted, is that even possible?

I want fun colors like purple, orange, and green, but in a calming version. For example, lavender would be a nice shade of purple, don’t you think?

When I am in a color dilemma, I like to visit This is a website run by Jessica Colaluca, and it is full of color inspiration. She finds beautiful images and matches them to its corresponding color palette; she chooses approximately 6 colors that are the main shades of the photo.

I like to look for color palettes inspired by nature. They are a sure way to find elegant and beautiful tones, without craziness, but great taste.

I was roaming through this website and found a lot of ideas. Here are the hues I liked the most (including the one on top of this page):

jest-cafe-colornature1_150  image via: @carolyn.evejest-cafe-florapalette1_150 image via: @theflowercultjest-cafe-heavenlyhues2_150 image via: @ozgecenbercijest-cafec-succulenthues_150

image via: @traceybolton

What do you think? Which palette should I choose for the mural?

I am leaning towards the flower cult photo. It has orange, purple, green, and grey. The colors are a perfect combination that is not overpowering or too vibrant.

What do you think?

My plan is to choose colors this week, find vintage decorations next week, come up with a final design, and start painting in two- three weeks. Wish me luck!

For more on this challenge, here is Week 1.

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One Room Challenge – Our Living Room One Room Challenge is here!

Don’t know if to get excited or terrified.

Here are the basics: Linda from Calling it Home hosts this challenge twice a year. It lasts 6 weeks and a lot of bloggers participate. It is a great opportunity to meet others (via the cyber universe) and share ideas.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to participate this time. Participating back in April was a LOT of work and very expensive. It is not easy to re-do a whole room in a budget. You might remember I decorated my kids’ room. The final result is in the photo above. For more details about that, click here.

OK, so, what to do? My living room needs a major change, but I can’t spend a bunch of money replacing everything that needs to be replaced so, what about changing just some of it? A whole corner if you will.

And, how to do it in a budget? I want something that strikes you as soon as you see it and makes me (you) very, very happy. Thank goodness I have the perfect solution: paint.

If you follow this blog or if you follow me through social media (if you don’t, please do! Here are my links to my Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts), you know that I have posting a lot about murals lately.

Why? I have seen photos in design magazines that have made me jump with excitement after seeing the potential of paint for decorating. Let’s take a look at my inspirational photos.



Aren’t all of these beautiful?

Here is a photo of something that is NOT beautiful: my living room.


jestcafe-com-living-room-before1 jestcafe-com-living-room-before2 jestcafe-com-living-room-before4jestcafe-com-living-room-before3Everything about these photos scream boring, don’t you think? Well, by the end of this challenge, hopefully, this wall will be screaming greatness, sophistication, and happiness. Let’s see if I can pull it off.

Here is Week 2

You are welcome to follow along. There is a sign up form in the right side bar of this post or at the bottom. Also, make sure you check out all other participants. There are some great things happening out there!



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Florence Lopez’s Bold And Colorful Design

jestcafe-com-florence-lopez6So far, Florence Lopez is my favorite discovery related to interior design this year.

Weekly, I look through interior design magazines and blogs; so many photos of beautiful places, and only a handful of times I am truly love struck at how creatively genius some people are! Of course, Lopez’s style resonates with me, but, even if it is not what you like (for example, if you prefer white walls and Scandinavian style), surely you can admire the capacity for courageous design.

I would describe her work with four words: bold, colorful, original, and vintage. She is a Parisian antique art dealer that has decorated her apartment 18 times in the last 24 years. Yes, she is THAT creative and restless.

Her style is unique and powerful. I am drawn to her wonderful vision of color, her furniture choices, and eclectic mix.

For example, let’s look at this painted mural in her studio, inspired by Brazilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx:


It is a good replacement of art and it is beautiful. How fun to choose a strong hue with that navy blue accent scattered throughout the room, and that lemon yellow as the spotlight. Brave, very brave.

And her bedroom:


The grey walls surprised me. They silence the room. Very sophisticated.

My other a-ha moment was the kitchen.


In the midst of color, a dark grey kitchen fits right in.

Here are more photos of her place… to find endless inspiration. Hope you like them.

jestcafe-com-florence lopez 5 jestcafe-com-florence-lopez4 jestcafe-com-florence-lopez2

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The Valencia Lounge Hostel And The Power Of Paint you find interior design ideas that blow your mind in small pieces of jealousy. How didn’t I think about that before? You wonder. How are people so creative to come up with these simple, cheap, and life changing ideas? Can I be one of these people?

That is the way I felt after seeing photos of the Valencia Lounge Hostel, specifically this one:

Isn’t so cool? The circle going into the headboard, vibrant colors, and interesting shapes. Big doses of creativity and a medium amount of paint, that would do it. So cheap and easy! Just when I was thinking I didn’t have the budget to fix our master bedroom, I stumbled upon these photos, got the creative bug, and realized what I could do with a low budget.

The paintings/murals are probably inspired by the Memphis Group’s geometrical shapes and colors. They feel alive and vibrant. I love them all. Let’s take a look. lounge hostel 13So, what do you think? Do you like them as much as I do?

These rooms have given me the idea of creating shapes with different color moldings. I need to come up with a plan for the walls of the room and share it here.

In other news, my phone felt in the water last Friday. 4 days without a phone! A very nice treat, indeed. Although I am not thrilled about having to pay for a new one, I welcome the reminder of how nice is to be disconnected for a little while.

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Also, a post about the Memphis Group designer Ettore Sottsass, designer Miriam Alía, and Spanish design.

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Designer Miriam Alía

I found designer Miriam Alía a couple of weeks ago and was attracted to her interiors right away. Her style is so feminine and bold. I like how she stays our of the comfort zone, brings different colors together, uses wild upholstery, and impactful furniture.

Let’s look at some of her designs: That geometrical wall design is so good, and the chairs bright upholstery is beautiful. That table is also awesome. I don’t remember seeing that shape for a coffee table base before, do you? Miriam Alí designed this closet for Casa Decor and it was called “The Magic of Color,” very appropriate name I would say. Also, did you notice that dresser in the first photo? It has inspired me to do a cute DIY in the future. The white chairs in this room are my favorite. The shell shape is beautiful and they look comfortable. I also like the black and white This pink room is so delicate and feminine. My favorite things are the chandelier and the wall detail. I think I might try doing something similar in our living room. This house design is a lot bolder than the others. This is fearless color composition. I would have never thought to use that rug for this space, nor the hexagonal fabric for the chairs, but she did it, and it works. My eye needs so much more training!, what did you think? Is her bold style something you like or admire? Even if it is not the style you would have in your home, you can still admire her interior design skills, don’t you think?


Also, a post about Zaha Hadid’s home, grey rooms, and, designer Beatriz Silveira.

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