Why I Am Pissed at Martha Stewart

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Martha Stewart posted the following on her Instagram account.

Her post promised to regram a table setting that she considered worthy of her Instagram account. Can you imagine how awesome it would be to have one of your pictures regrammed on Martha Stewart’s Instagram account? It means having your work exposed to millions (or 796 thousand) people that actually care, having the queen of the DIY world give you recognition, AND feeling really proud of your accomplishment!  So, after I read this post, I had a meltdown of excitement and then decided to try and win the darn thing. I mean, why not? There is nothing to lose aside from hours of life and effort. So, on Thursday morning, I asked my friends for help  and, 2 hours and 200 shots later, I posted this.


Not bad, don’t you think? I hoped I had a decent chance at winning this thing. Well, a week has gone by and I am pissed at Martha Stewart because, not only she did not choose mine, but she didn’t choose anyone’s!!!!! Zero-None-Nil-Nada.  Can you believe it? Are you even allowed to promote a competition and then flagrantly forget about it? What upsets me the most is the amount of hours I lost working on this picture. I wouldn’t have minded if I had lost, obviously, but I do mind that nobody even bothered to look at the pictures that so many of us posted. It upsets me that I spent 2 hours of my Thanksgiving day trying to get the perfect shot, and it upsets me that I recruited my two friends for nothing. So, there you go. I am pissed at Martha Stewart.

Also, instead of posting a picture of somebody else’s table, she posted a picture of her own table setting, which made me even more upset because the darn thing looks a million times better than mine. Cuek!jestcafe.com-martha stewart2

Am I over-reacting or is this a real reason to be upset? Well, I am sure Martha won’t care, because I will be back in love with her by tomorrow morning.

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Being Thankful And Life Lately

I feel very happy/lucky with my life right now. I am thankful for this family of mine. My two healthy and sweet children and this husband I was lucky to meet 14 years ago.  I don’t like to get corny and I don’t like to pretend my life is perfect, but I do know I have it pretty good and I am thankful for that. I am also thankful for my friends, family, job, and roof over my head. 

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On Aging – My Dad


My dad is 82; he is old. Once you turn 80, I believe, you become officially old, no way around it. Aging and dying are difficult processes. I don’t want my dad to get sick; I don’t want my dad to die. I, myself, see how youth is trailing behind me, soon to be let go.

In this society that idolizes vigor and energy, aging is difficult. There is so much to learn from wisdom and age, but we decide to look the other way and pretend it doesn’t exist. Well, in my search for understanding, I decided to ask my dad hard questions about aging, questions that we don’t like to ask. I wanted to know how he feels about being old, and I want to prepare myself for what is coming.

jestcafe.com--On aging, my dadMy dad is a nice man that has changed drastically in old age. Sometimes he can be detached from others; he lives in his own world of poetry, classical music, and art; but he is also very loving. His grandkids and his job have become the essence of his existence. I have always felt loved by him, and I always knew he was special. He is an intellectual, smart, very creative man, with a wonderful sense of humor. He introduced me to the world through art, compassion and laughter.

Before we move on to the questions I asked, I would like to alert you that my dad could be a pessimistic poet. I tried my best translating his words (he is a Spanish speaker), but it was difficult to capture the nuances of his terms and humor. In the future, I would like to interview more people over 80 for this blog, as an attempt to capture wisdom and knowledge. In hindsight, I should have started with a person that sees life and age through a positive lens, but, on the other hand, why avoid difficulty? There is beauty and growth in everything.


Here are the questions that I asked my dad, and here are the answers he gave me. I hope you like this one.

1) What have you liked the most about living so far?

It moves me to remember the games and studies at my school in La Serena (Seminario Conciliar), Chile; my first platonic love for whom I shed tears; building our house in Angamos, Punta Arenas, the Versailles of my existence. I would also like to resurrect our ski trips to the Cerro Mirador, where the snow still cries for us, and the sweet and swift years of marriage to your mother (my parents got divorced 10 years ago, after 27 years of marriage).

2) What makes you happy right now?

Memories, which are now ruins that I’m only able to  see through the light of a torch.

3) How do you feel mentally? And, in comparison to when you were young?

Diminished. I live my life trying to avoid looking foolish, but I can’t.

4) How do you feel physically? And, in comparison to when you were young?

Also, diminished. The passing of time has slowly transformed my body into a heavy armor that tries to keep me motionless.


5) How do you see your future? What do you expect from it?

To keep becoming ruins, supporting myself on pillars made out of memories.

6) What are the most impressive changes that you have witnessed during your life?

The technological changes that have isolated me and made me more dependant, limiting my autonomy.

7) At what age did you start feeling old?

In spite of my answers, nobody has yet created a calendar that can make me feel old.

jestcafe.com--My-dad-on-aging18) How is it to be old?

Is like being transformed into a night traveler, where the hills and land are hidden, and you can only discover the sky.

9) What is the hardest aspect of aging? What is the best aspect of aging?

As I told you before, I have not penetrated that stage yet. Ask me by knocking on my casket, or bury me with a cell phone so I can let you know.

10) How do you feel about death? How do you feel now that you are closer to it?

I will defend myself from her by clinging to my memories… I die every instant. My life is a consecutive number of deaths.

11) What advice would you give your grandkids?

I can’t think of anything I could be an example of. (This answer made me sad because it is not true, but I now this is what he believes)


Thanks, dad.  Te amo.

PS: Writing this post made me cry. If you have a parent that is old, I would encourage you to do the same exercise with him/her. It helps to understand and connect. If you do, please, share. I was also wondering, what other questions do you think I should have asked? What would you like to learn from our elders?
jestcafe.com--My-dad-on-aging7 The picture below doesn’t have the best quality, but it is so sweet, isn’t? You can see how comfortable the grandkids are around my dad. jestcafe.com--My-dad-on-aging11jestcafe.com--My-dad-on-aging9

Te amo, papi.

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More Women Campaign – #morewomen

jestcafe.com-more women campaignSo, in politics, business, art, music and many other instances, women are grossly underrepresented in the positions of power; this is a fact. You can go back and forward about your opinions on feminism (the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men), but you have to admit that this has great implications for women.

With this in mind, Elle UK started the More Women campaign in October (#morewomen). If you follow UK celebrities on Instagram (male or female), you have probably seen this hashtag more than once on their posts.

It is only a matter of time before women fill more positions of power, but, until then, this kind of campaign helps us to dream and move towards this goal. Women are needed! I really believe this.

Anyhow, right now I am inspired by this campaign so I wanted to share it with you. Isn’t social media amazing? It provides a voice to those who didn’t previously have it. It creates community.

Here is the More Women Campaign video. Let me know what do you think, and have a great day!

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Outdoor Halloween Decorations – A Ghost Family

We put out our Outdoor Halloween decorations last weekend. I wanted to create a ghost family in the front yard, and this is how it came out. Cute, don’t you think?

jestcafe.com-outdoor halloween decorationjestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween4

Here is what we used,


  • 7 – sticks of different lengths. Approximately 1.5” x 1” wide. They need to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the fabric and not fall with the wind. No need to get fancy with the sticks, almost anything will do.
  • 7 – Styrofoam spheres. 6 small 6” spheres for the smaller ghosts, and a big 10” sphere for the big ghost. I bought them at Michael’s.
  • Light sheer white fabric. I went to the fabric district in L.A. and got those rolls that you can buy as is. They are $1.99 a yard! So cheap. I used approximately 25 yards.
  • 7 – 2” Nails to attach the fabric to the Styrofoam
  • 2 – sheet of black felt ($0.39 at Michael’s)
  • Glue gun to attach the mouths and eyes to the Styrofoam.

Here is what we did:

  1. We grabbed sticks of different sizes from our backyard and pounded them in the grass.
  2. I made a small hole in the Styrofoam ball and pressed the stick into the sphere with enough strength to insert it 4-5 inches in. No need to glue.
  3. We covered the Styrofoam balls with the fabric and cut it at the floor level with some scissors to make sure it had the right length; almost touching the floor.  I used two strips of fabric on top of the spheres to cover the ghosts and give them more volume. I crossed them on top of each other like an X.

jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween2    4. I nailed the fabric to the sphere.

jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween35. Cut out eyes and mouths for the ghosts from black felt.

6. Glued the eyes and mouths with the glue gun on low temperature. You don’t want the glue to be so hot as to melt the Styrofoam.

The project took no more than 1 hour, so you still have time to do this for Halloween!

Finally, I want to thank my friends that came out to help me and ended up doing all the work for me. A perfect DIY project, indeed!

jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween13jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween1 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween5 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween7 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween8 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween9 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween10 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween11 jestcafe.com-ghosts-for-halloween12


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