Snooping on Etsy – Art for the Nursery

So, what is the best art for a nursery? I would say whimsical, little bit dreamy, and affordable. Something that transports you to the world of a child, a world of imagination, color, and wonder -while still being tasteful to adults who might stagger in to change a diaper.. Now, where to find art like […]

Visiting Atwater Village

I had been hearing about the cool stores in Atwater Village for a while, so when a couple of friends wanted to go there for brunch and check out the stores, I jumped right in. Eating and shopping – awesome combination. Talking to girlfriends is the best. It is well-known science that women are excellent […]

Gifts For Your Friend That Likes To Host Dinner Parties

Hosting dinners is not for sissies. Planning a menu, paying for food, cooking, cleaning the house, and feeding a bunch of people is not easy, but it is FUN (for certain types of people). Many people don’t seem to enjoy having guests for dinner, but I have a couple of friends that do put food […]

Raising Bilinguals – La Librería

In our household, I speak to the children in Spanish, and my husband speaks to them in English. Also, we live in LA, so they get to hear both languages frequently from a lot of different people. They are being raised as bilingual kids. There are a lot of studies that point out the benefits […]