Wes Anderson Inspired Cement Planters

To my new beautiful cement planters: thank you for coming into my house to make it more appealing and for saving me hundreds of dollars in new planters! Also, thank you for being so easy to make and for looking good no matter what! To my readers: I found the perfect project for you! It […]

My Bold Hues – Volume 2

The #MYBOLDHUES IG feed keeps on getting better and better.  Lots of amazing accounts out there. This month I chose images with moody and darker colors, not sure why… maybe related to the constant rain we have had in LA for the last month? Rain has been pouring down non-stop around here! We are very happy […]

7 Steps To Eye-Catching Bookshelves

Most bloggers who give tips on how to style bookshelves don’t take into account that some of us actually read! Tips for great looking bookshelves usually want you to leave tons of space for the eye to rest and art pieces to shine, but I have a lot of books and can’t possibly leave that […]

Valentine’s Day Fabric Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have a special gift for you today. You might not think much of it but I spent a lot of hours doing it so, could you at least pretend you like it? (This is starting to seem more like a conversation with George than a post for this blog). Cuek. Here […]