String Light Christmas Tree Decoration

string light treeI have seen many photos of string light trees made on living room walls this season. I think they are a thing on Pinterest. Definitely a trend, so I decided to create one in my living room, in front of our mural – feeling inspired! Hint: It was not hard at all.

Difficulty (1-5): 1  Time: 20 mins  Cost: $20

Here is what you need (my tree (above) is approximately 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide at the bottom)

Small Command Hooks
LED Starry String 20 ft Copper Wire Lights-Warm White
Blue tape

1) Start with marking your triangle shape with blue tape. This way you make sure you get the shape right without defacing your wall with pencil. 2) Start applying the command hooks from the top – before I continue this explanation, I have to say that I am a huge fan of command hooks!!! They are perfect to hang all decorations without ruining your wall. I did not want to ruin that mural we worked so hard to paint for the One Room Challenge, so these hooks were the perfect solution. I also hung these wreaths with them. I have also used them for garlands and paintings. I bought them in all sizes so it is a command hook love fest around here. 3) Depending on how long your LED string lights are, you can decide if to go wider or closer between lines. I didn’t want a super full tree – I went for a minimalist look-, so I decided to use a 20ft string. For a fuller look, get a 30ft LED string light or longer. Also, the copper wire lights are CUTE! Copper is the new IT metal, so if you want your tree to be trendy, get the copper instead of normal string lights which are not as elegant. 4) Work your way down the blue tape, adding command hooks as you peel off the tape.  5) Turn on the lights and cry with happiness:string light treestring light tree

Ok. Now that you read that easy and fun DIY that could transform your living room into a sophisticated one in seconds, let us look at what others have been doing around the web and where I got my inspiration from:

Cox and CoxBehind The Big Green Door A Pair & A Spare AMM  Motanu Home Decor IdeasTrendenser

Moma Le Blog

Some of these are pretty gorgeous, don’t you think?

About my tree,  I wish my photos would have come out better. I didn’t know how to take a good picture of the lights and the mural at the same time so this is the best I could do. In truth, I don’t think the photos do this cute little LED tree justice. Everybody that comes to my place comments on how cute it looks, so, once again, you will have to take my word for it. It is much nicer than what the photos show. string light tree

Hope you liked this one and, in case you haven’t seen how the rest of my home looks for Christmas, you can take a look here.

Thanks for stopping by!

*This post contains affiliate links. If you click and buy through them, I get a small comission. Thanks for supporting Jest Cafe. Creating this content is not cheap nor easy, but it is super fun. Thanks for reading. I mean it. 

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3 Cute Gold Ring Wreath DIY’s

Creating a beautiful gold ring wreath is very easy. That is a fact. If you are looking to create nice details for your home with a small budget, this is a great alternative.

I made three gold ring wreaths for this post in less than 40 minutes. How? Well, let me explain.

Difficulty (1-5): 2  Time: 15 mins each one  Cost: $6 each one

For all the wreaths you will need some basic materials.


-Metal Macramé Ring-Gold 12” and or 8”

– Glue gun

– Floral wire

– Greenery and other ornaments like pinecones

– Ribbon

The most important thing about creating gold ring wreaths is to come up with the concept and design first. Arrange (and rearrange) your materials until you are happy with what you see. Once that is done, use the floral wire and glue gun to finalize the design and attach materials to the gold ring.

Pink Peppercorn Wreath

I like the droopy shape of peppercorns. The way they fall is so beautiful. I knew I wanted one of my wreaths to have that organic shape. A little bit wild but also natural. The color of the peppercorns is so beautiful, too. I like the green tone of the leaves and the pop of color that the peppers bring. With this in mind, I decided to do a gold ring wreath using leaves from this tree. (If you look carefully, you can find Peruvian pink peppercorn growing in many places in LA, no need to buy it if you live here)
1) The first step was deciding the length of the leaves. How far did I want them to fall? I didn’t want them too long, so I went for half of the ring size: around 6″. 2) Once I decided on the right length, I cut the leaves and fastened them to the gold ring with a floral wire. The idea is to do a little knot with the wire on any place of the ring  – your starting point- and then wind the floral wire around the leaves to fasten them to the ring. I also used a glue gun but it was not necessary. The wire is strong enough to support the leaves. Cut out any extra greens you don’t need. Here is the result. As you can see, I went heavier on the right side to give the wreath a “falling” shape, more organic. What do you think?

Pine and succulent wreath

1) As I mentioned above, gold ring wreaths can be designed at the moment. Move your ornament and greeneries around until you are happy with your design and then attach the pieces to the ring with wire or glue.

2) I fastened the pine tree branch in this wreath with wire to the ring, but glued the succulents with the glue gun. I was impressed at the durability of this wreath. I made it two weeks ago and it still looks great. Final result:

Double ring wreath with pinecones1) For this wreath, I attached a 12″ ring to a 8″ ring. I used floral wire sprayed with gold paint to do this.
2) After attaching the two rings together with wire, I started playing with different designs. I went with a very simple design for this wreath. Just eucalyptus and pinecones.  3) I attached the greens to the ring with wire and the pinecones with glue.

4) I added small gold ornaments for an extra touch. I used fishing string to hang them from the top. Here is the result. Pretty simple.
Hope you liked this tutorial. You would be surprised at how long it takes to do these kind of posts! It is crazy, so I really appreciate you stopping by to take a look at my blog today.

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How To Throw A Successful Wreath Making Party


After our wreath making party last year, I decided to make it a Holiday tradition, so we were at it again this last weekend. 12 people came to the party. Friends brought food and drinks. I provided the greenery and materials for the wreaths. We drank, ate, and crafted for 5 hours. All in all, a wonderful day!

wreath-making-party-5wreath-making-party-3wreath-making-party5If you are reading this post because you are planning to throw a wreath making party, let me assure you, it is easy and FUN – No fear. Your friends will love it and you will be the super hostess hero.

What you will need for a party for 12 people:


Basic greenery

  • 2  big bundles or pine – I bought noble pine.
  • 1 big bundle of cedar
  • 1 big bundle of eucalyptus


  • 2 bunches of holly
  • 25 pine cones (not everybody will use them)
  • 2 bunches of eucalyptus flowers pods
  • 2 bunches of seeded eucalyptus

wreath-making-party-8 Hollywreath-making-party-9wreath-making-party6wreath-making-party-11

Basically, everybody had the option to use white, red, and/or brown accents, aside from the main greenery. You will need a person that knows how to do wreaths so she/he can teach the rest. In this case, I taught the workshop. I am a wreath expert by now!

For instructions to do wreaths, go here and here.
wreath-making-party-15 wreath-making-party-16 Last year, we used grapevine wreaths (18 and 24 inches). Grapevine wreaths are beautiful by themselves, so they are good if you are planning to partially cover it. If the idea is to cover the whole wreath with greenery, grapevine wreaths are NOT the way to go, because they are more expensive and you need more greenery to cover them (they are thick), that is why I decided to go with simple wire wreaths for this year’s party and the final results were better across the board.wreath-making-party-17 wreath-making-party-18 wreath-making-party-19 wreath-making-party-7wreath-making-party-20 wreath-making-party-21Here are the results. They all look pretty good, don’t you think?wreath-making-party-29 wreath-making-party-30 wreath-making-party1wreath-making-party-31 wreath-making-party-32 wreath-making-party-33 wreath-making-party-40wreath-making-party-34 wreath-making-party-35wreath-making-party-39wreath-making-party-25wreath-making-party2I didn’t have time to do a wreath until later because I was teaching the workshop, so I posed with the golden ring wreath I created the day before. BTW, tutorial for gold ring wreaths coming up on Monday!
wreath-making-party-38I love this group of friends.

Most of them sent me photos of their wreaths hanging from their front doors or mantels – that made me happy.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t forget to come back this Friday for the Winter Eclectic home tour where me and other bloggers show you how we decorated our homes for the Holidays. wreath-party-pin-copy

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2 Amazing Books For Flower Enthusiasts


Raise your hand if you are a flower enthusiast! If not, raise your hand if you know someone who is a flower enthusiast! I would bet my soul that  99% of readers have raised their hands in their imagination, because if you are here is because you like beautiful things and, if you like beautiful things, you like flowers. That is a F-A-C-T. 100% guaranteed.

For the other 1% of the Jest Cafe population, if you don’t know a flower enthusiast, now you do, because I AM ONE and you have met me through the cyber world of blogging!!! – that crowded world where people post things that they like in the hope of attracting readers and maybe an income some day.

Ok, let’s cut to the chase, flowers are perfect and some books about flowers are too, for example, the ones I found at a flower store the other day: Styling Nature by Lewis Miller and In Bloom by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

2-amazing-flower-books-10Girls and boys! These two books are gorgeous in every possible way imaginable and would make an amazing Holiday gift. They are beautiful coffee table books filled with great images and content. Let’s take a closer look.

Styling Nature: A Masterful Approach to Floral Arrangements by Lewis Miller – $28.46

This one is my favorite one of the two. It is a big book with incredible flower arrangements. Miller makes eye candy with the fantastic images this book has (photos by Don Freeman) while giving us tips on how to get the look. He is a real pro but, even if I can only dream of achieving his expertise, I find a lot of delight in savoring this world of possibilities. They serve as  inspiration for my smaller and incompetent arrangements created with my very limited skill set.

This book is a visual festival:


The second book is:

In Bloom: Creating and Living With Flowers by Ngoc Minh Ngo – $32.80

This one focuses on the beauty of flowers and how it inspires people and their line of work. From flower sculptures to pottery, this reading has pretty images from artists around the world who find inspiration in blooms (hence the book name. Wink. Wink).

Each chapter focuses on an important artist that incorporates floral designs into their interiors and art. A beautiful read, indeed, but more than anything else, a beautiful trip through wonderful photography.
2-amazing-flower-books-3 2-amazing-flower-books-4 2-amazing-flower-books-5 2-amazing-flower-books-6 2-amazing-flower-books-112-amazing-flower-books

Hope you liked them!

Also, a post about a fantastic flower arrangement book, a flower workshop, and the Flower Market in Downtown LA.

*This post contains affiliate links. Thanks for supporting Jest Cafe.

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DIY Budget-Friendly Holiday Garland

This year I am decorating my house with natural cedar garlands for the Holidays. I want them everywhere! Because they are beautiful, chic, and smell SO good. Also, they are cheap and easy to make. This post about how to make your own garland is the proof.

(BTW, I am participating in a Holiday bloggers hop next week. Me and other bloggers are teaming up to show you how we decorate our homes for Christmas, in case you are in need of ideas. That is why this post is ONLY about how to make this cedar garland and it doesn’t show you how it would look with all the extra Holiday stuff once I decorate it- The photo above is the clean and simple version of this garland)

Without further due. Here are the instructions.

Difficulty (1-5): 2  Time: 45 mins  Cost: $25


  • Cedar branches (lots)
  • Floral Wire – I used 22 gauge.
  • Wire cutter
  • Pruning scissors

jestcafe-garland-diy jestcafe-garland-diy-2jestcafe-garland-diy-9 jestcafe-garland-diy-101) Make a knot on your starting branch with your floral wire.
jestcafe-garland-diy-3 2) Make a bunch of 3 cedar branches of smaller size.jestcafe-garland-diy-4 3) Attach the bunch to the first branch with floral wire. There is no need to cut the floral wire, just keep on winding it around the branches to create your garland.jestcafe-garland-diy-6jestcafe-garland-diy-114) Repeat until your garland has the desired length. jestcafe-garland-diy-12 jestcafe-garland-diy-13 5) At the end of the garland, create another bunch of three branches and attach them with floral wire. Add them to the end of the garland in the opposite direction to the rest of the branches. This will give the end of the garland a nice cascade shape.jestcafe-garland-diy-7 I placed my garland on the piano. Here is the result (without extra Holiday decorations):jestcafe-garland-diy-14jestcafe-garland-diy-8I am very happy with the result.  I wish the photo could really show how elegant the living room looks with this addition! So cheap and easy. It is surprising to see how small details like this can take your Holiday decorations to the next level. Thanks for visiting!

Also, a post about a wreath-making party, a flower workshop, and ideas on how to decorate your Christmas table.

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