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Women – The Strong, Nurturing And Beautiful Kind.

Lately I have been feeling very proud of being a woman. I have been reading some books on feminism (aka. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men) and I have come to understand better our role in society and the cultural baggage that defines us. Just […]

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Snooping Around on Etsy – Cloth Napkins

I was walking around a craft fair a month ago when I saw a booth with gorgeous cloth napkins. A lot of colors, motifs, and textures. It was a reminder of how small, banal, everyday things can be transformed with a little bit of creativity and imagination. I did a search for cloth napkins on Etsy […]

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What I See A Lot On Pinterest – Eames Chairs

When I see the same furniture pieces over and over in Pinterest or design magazines I get curious. And when I get curious I do fact lists, and when I do fact lists I might as well share them with the world. Let’s start with the basics: Eames Chairs. They are everywhere. I wonder if […]

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