halloween wreath

Marigold Wreath DIY (and Garland) – Perfect for Fall

Is that time of the year!!!! My favorite time to blog! I am hoping I can get into a regular schedule again because the Fall and the Holidays deserve it. Let’s start with a charming and EASY decoration I made last weekend. This marigold wreath turned out beautiful! It lasted looking good for more than […]

beach manzanita

Photos Of Our Trip To Portland and Manzanita, OR.

Portland, OR is basically a Silver Lake in miniature. Am I right or am I right? If you were to get rid of traffic and millions of people, and added luscious trees and forests, you would literally have Portland in LA (I am looking at you, Eric Garcetti!). (Before you judge, I understand that Silver […]

foraged flowers

Foraged Arrangement

  I think I did something illegal last week. I grabbed plant cutters, threw them in my car, and drove around LA to find tall grass to make a foraged arrangement. I end up stopping at a public park to cut overgrown Miscanthus Sinensis. While at it, the possibility of doing something illegal came to […]

sara kendrick landscaping book

Book Review: Big Impact Landscaping

My home is small, but my backyard is huge (by LA standards). We live in a 7,500 sq ft property with a dwelling of 900 sq ft, so you do the math… because it is 5 am in the morning and I am not about to add or subtract anything but the amount of coffee […]