How To Throw A Successful Wreath Making Party

After our wreath making party last year, I decided to make it a Holiday tradition, so we were at it again this last weekend. 12 people came to the party. Friends brought food and drinks. I provided the greenery and materials for the wreaths. We drank, ate, and crafted for 5 hours. All in all, […]

How To Decorate For The Holidays With Greenery

One of the most beautiful and cheapest ways of decorating a house for the Holidays is with greenery.  A garland here, a wreath there, and your home becomes Holiday perfect in no time. What I like about doing my own decorations with greens is that it gives my house a personal touch while keeping it elegant. […]

2 Amazing Books For Flower Enthusiasts

Raise your hand if you are a flower enthusiast! If not, raise your hand if you know someone who is a flower enthusiast! I would bet my soul that  99% of readers have raised their hands in their imagination, because if you are here is because you like beautiful things and, if you like beautiful things, […]

DIY Budget-Friendly Holiday Garland

This year I am decorating my house with natural cedar garlands for the Holidays. I want them everywhere! Because they are beautiful, chic, and smell SO good. Also, they are cheap and easy to make. This post about how to make your own garland is the proof. (BTW, I am participating in a Holiday bloggers hop […]