5 Creative (And Easy) Ways Of Decorating Your Home With Plants

I am a plant lover because they are a sure (and easy) way of decorating a room and making it look gorgeous. You can’t go wrong with plants, not matter how many, which kind, or where from, unless you steal one from the Botanic Gardens, which I wouldn’t recommend anyway for obvious reasons. (If you call yourself a plant killer, […]

Let’s Go To The Women’s March On January 21st!

When we first heard about the Women’s March happening in DC  on January 21st, some friends and I were ready to buy tickets and fly there, but then we realized that was not necessary because big marches are happening all around the US. I am pretty sure this is going to be big and I want […]

My One And Only New Year Resolution

I am a addicted to resolutions. Somehow I think that every January 1st I get a clean slate without any of the mistakes and troubles of the previous year, and, although this is not 100% true, it feels that way every December 31st at midnight! My brain works something like this: “Oh, don’t worry about eating a […]

Introducing #MYBOLDHUES For Instagram

When I was 15 and going though crazy hormonal changes, my mother let me decorate my own (very small) room on the second floor. To appease those erratic and sad emotions, I decided to paint each of the walls with a different color. My mom silently freaked out, but I went ahead with my plan undiscouraged. […]